Lieberman Gets the McCain Treatment From the New York Times

Did you know, or do you remember, that during Joe Lieberman’s 2006 Senate campaign against Ned Lamont, Lieberman solemnly pledged that he would work to get a Democrat elected president in 2008?

I am in the category of didn’t know it, and that’s one of two crucial facts about Lieberman that I would not have found out by reading the New York Times:

There are two facts about Joe Lieberman that the big news orgs simply can’t bring themselves to tell their readers and viewers.

The first is that during the 2006 campaign against Ned Lamont, Lieberman and his aides vowed multiple times that he would continue caucusing with the Democrats. The second is that Lieberman also vowed to help elect a Democrat to the White House in 2008.

These facts must never be repeated. Case in point: This morning, The New York Times has a long piece by reporter Mark Leibovich on Lieberman’s support for John McCain and the possibility of his eventual switch to the GOP. The piece reports:

He has not ruled out switching parties but has stopped short of saying he has moved so far from the Democratic Party — or, in his view, the other way around — that he is at a point of no return.

The claim that Lieberman “has not ruled out” switching parties is a rather questionable distortion of recent history — one that’s very helpful to him, as it happens.

During the 2006 campaign Lieberman did in fact vow again and again and againto caucus with the Dems. It was only after he won re-election in 2006 that Lieberman started leaving open the possibility of a switch in interviews. TheTimes doesn’t tell you this, however. For some reason, it’s understood that anything Lieberman said during the campaign is no longer relevant.

There’s another glaring omission in the piece, too. Although the central topic of the story is the anger some Dems feel at Lieberman over his support for McCain, the piece doesn’t tell you perhaps the main reason this is seen as such a betrayal. The piece doesn’t tell you that during Campaign 2006, Lieberman told the voters of Connecticut that he wanted a Democrat elected president in 2008. 

The Times piece found the space to detail what Lieberman ate for lunch the other day and exactly how many times he shrugged in an interview. But it couldn’t bring itself to tell its readers this key fact.

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2 Responses to “Lieberman Gets the McCain Treatment From the New York Times”

  1. tas says:

    What does it say about McCain’s character when John Kerry breaks his mancrush on him and Lieberman becomes his new BFF?

  2. Kathryn Richardson says:

    Joe Lieberman is a flip-flopper, brown noser, and to top it all off he appears on Fox– everybody knows they wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped them in the face. They are the most partisan, spinners, and nasty to boot. I would think the republican party would be ashamed to have them on their side. kr

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