If anyone missed the NY Times scoop on the Bush Administration’s failures concerning the hunt for bin Laden and our Pakistan policy, it’s a must read. To summarize, between Bush’s over-reliance on former Pakistani President Musharraf to remove al-Qa’ida from his country’s soil, shifting too many resources to the Iraq war, and squabbling between the CIA Kabul and Islamabad field offices along with the Pentagon, al-Qa’ida has been allowed to shift its bases from Afghanistan to Pakistan and return to its pre-Sept. 11 strength. My favorite part of the article is when it discusses how the CIA team whose objective was to find bin Laden was booted out of the Langley headquarters building to, instead, reside on the lawn at Langley:

There was nowhere to house an expanding headquarters staff, so giant Quonset huts were erected outside the cafeteria on the C.I.A.’s leafy Virginia campus to house a new team assigned to the bin Laden mission. In Pakistan, the new operation was staffed not only with C.I.A. operatives drawn from around the world, but also with recent graduates of “the Farm,” the agency’s training center at Camp Peary in Virginia.

“We had to put people out in the field who had less than ideal levels of experience,” one former senior C.I.A. official said. “But there wasn’t much to choose from.”

I can’t wait to see some morons try and defend this one.

Also related to our supposed war against terror, four ex-Abu Ghraib inmates are suing a couple defense contractors for torture. And you know…

He has scars on his leg and head that he said came from beatings with an iron rod. He also said he was forced to drink litres of water while his penis was tied to prevent him from urinating.

…I think they have a case.

Here’s something you may not have known about the US military:

Of the 1,255 Superfund sites on the EPA’s list, the Department of Defense owns 129 – making it the single biggest polluter in the country.

And with these Superfund sites, the country’s least environmentally friendly organization is refusing the EPA’s orders clean up the sites. If they were a normal corporation the EPA could simply sue them, but since its the military the EPA can’t do anything. It’s good to be the king, eh?

Unconstitutional protest zones are back, as the Democrats are trying to place the designated protest zone for their 2008 convention in Denver two football fields away from the convention center. Just for a point of reference here, I attended to protest festivities outside the 2004 DNC in Boston, and here’s how close we were allowed to get to delegates:

Any point of separation that’s greater than this should be considered a violation of civil liberties.

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