The Beltway as Bret Michaels

In 17 words, Gabriel Sherman unwittingly sums up precisely what is wrong with American campaign journalism:

[T]he press wants to put its love somewhere, and, right now, that love is up for grabs.

Fuck the public interest–it’s all about who’s ready to rock Adam Nagourney’s world!

h/t Atrios

One Response to “The Beltway as Bret Michaels”

  1. AP says:


    how do we know if Ambre didnt dump him?

    By looking at the press release you can certainly see what his priorities are

    Why not have a Rock Of Lust casting call?

    Because he’s looking for snatch instead of love

    He had 2 girls that poured their love and devotion to him that seemed to be ok to be with and he blew both of them.

    As a matter of f act the last girl dumped him on tv saying she wasnt in love with him

    And lastly how many positive long lasting relationships have you seen in the entertainment biz?

    Change your values and belief systems and you’ll change your life and get what you want


    Bret’s a cool dude with hot tunes and a good look


    Stop wasting peoples time

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