A Memo To John McCain Supporters

Allahpundit is upset with David Gergen’s statement on “This Week” that McCain’s “Praise the One” ad is a dog whistle for racists.

… If you take this logic to its conclusion, there’s literally no non-racist way to accuse a member of a minority group of having an outsized ego. Any synonym you can conjure — elitist, arrogant, “megalomaniac narcissist” (to quote Hitchens) — can all happily be dismissed as “code,” regardless of whether the subject might in fact (a) display his very own presidential seal, (b) be known to describe rural voters in terms that call to mind Cletus the slackjawed yokel on “The Simpsons,” and (c) oh, by the way, lead his very own cult with himself as godhead.

The fact that none of those charges are true kind of punches a hole in Allahpundit’s argument, but why quibble over details?

I’m becoming particularly irritated at this right-wing narrative of Obama as a sinister cult-like figure who encourages his “devoted followers” to worship and adore him and fall at his feet. 

George Will makes a point I made myself last week, that the irony of all these bad-faith charges of racism is that most of the GOP’s knocks on Obama’s ego are straight out of the playbook they used against “haughty, French-looking Democrat” John Kerry. Granted, there was no “Moses” ad for Waffles, but that’s because most people hated him; Obama is adored to an absurdly iconic extent, especially vis-a-vis his actual accomplishments (in Lindsey Graham’s words, “fame without portfolio”), which is why he gets goofed on as leading people to the Promised Land whereas Kerry got the windsurfer treatment. 

There are two points about this idiocy, and it’s time to put them as bluntly as possible: 

  1. This accusation is based on jealousy. These guys — everyone, from bloggers to McCain himself — who put out this absurdity are green with envy. McCain and his supporters plain and simple cannot stand it that Barack Obama is so much more popular than their candidate. McCain wants to be a rock star, too. McCain would do anything to be able to wear flowing robes and command the masses. He would die to attract the crowds Obama does. He would love it. But he can’t. And like your common garden-variety schoolyard bully, he must take down the guy that everyone loves and admires.
  2. “Obama is adored to an absurdly iconic extent”? Well, actually, there is nothing absurd or iconic about it. Try asking yourself WHY people are so enthralled by Obama. Rather than concluding that he is trying to palm himself off as a divinity or a messiah, could it be that what he’s communicating is simple kindness? A desire to listen to people? Could it be that he makes people feel understood? That he gets how stressed and alone and terrified so many Americans feel these days because they can’t pay their bills, are losing their jobs, don’t have family or friends to help them, feel like the people who are supposed to care about them are more concerned about building permanent bases in Iraq than building schools in the United States? As one of those Americans going through hard times, John McCain is the very, very, very LAST person I would ever flock to hear. He’s mean, he’s unkind, he’s petty, he’s nasty, he makes fun of people and makes cruel jokes about them, plus he’s dumber than a box of rocks. He blatantly lies (his civil rights record? hello?) makes stupid factual errors all the time, and repeats the same talking points that everyone has heard for eight years and that are why Bush’s approval rating is at what? 19 percent? I mean, if you compare the way McCain presents himself in public and the way Obama presents himself in public, it’s not hard to understand why Obama attracts the love and McCain doesn’t.

Instead of demonizing Obama for what he’s doing right, try looking at what McCain is doing wrong. And stop whining and shut up.


7 Responses to “A Memo To John McCain Supporters”

  1. Betty Schaefer NM says:


  2. DavidL says:

    Jealous of what Barack Obama does right? Well he is great at reading a teleprompter.

  3. Kathy says:

    Well he is great at reading a teleprompter.

    Too bad John McCain isn’t.

  4. Dan says:

    Hi Kathy. The right certainly grades on a curve when it comes to messianic complexes in politicians.

  5. Kathy says:

    Indeed; and great metaphor, Dan.

  6. gcotharn says:

    Allahpundit’s featured argument was that, under Gergen’s standard: a black person cannot, in an unbiased fashion, be accused of arrogance. Allahpundit’s secondary argument was an assertion of what constitutes proof that Obama is arrogant. While withholding comment on the secondary argument, I do agree with Allahpundit’s featured argument:

    … If you take this logic to its conclusion, there’s literally no non-racist way to accuse a member of a minority group of having an outsized ego. Any synonym you can conjure — elitist, arrogant, “megalomaniac narcissist” (to quote Hitchens) — can all happily be dismissed as “code,”….

  7. Kralizec says:

    You claimed to be writing to “John McCain supporters,” but this misses a point. The American right dislike McCain greatly; they fear him for the regime-threatening stupidity of his best-known legislation. If they manage to keep Obama out of high office, they will be compelled to fight McCain for the next four years, because although they expect him to be far better than Obama, they nevertheless expect him to be quite bad.


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