DK Diarist Points To More Signs That Sarah Palin Is Not Trig Palin’s Mother

Reader Sam Fisher linked this Daily Kos article from the Comments section. It’s pretty devastating as to who Trig Paxon Van Palin’s mother is — and is not. The article is very long and quite well-sourced. The links are to solid, reliable sources such as newspapers and well-regarded, credible professional sites. ARCXIX, the DK diarist who wrote the piece, also has included extensive pictorial evidence (photographs and videos) both of Sarah Palin’s appearance during the period she says she was pregnant, and of her daughter Bristol’s appearance during the same period of time. One photograph in particular is an extreme enlargement/close-up of the Palin family. Bristol’s “baby bump” is unmistakeable.

ARCXIX makes one point in particular that I want to single out here, because it addresses a point of doubt that’s been raised about the veracity of the “Sarah Palin is not Trig’s mom” story: the greater incidence of Down’s Syndrome in older pregnant women:

The final point of interest is that Trig Palin has been diagnosed with Down’s syndrome (aka trisomy 21). This is an interesting point, as chances of having offspring with Down’s Syndrome increases from under 1% to 3% after a mother reaches the age of 40. However, 80% of the cases of Down’s Syndrome are in mother’s under the age of 35, through sheer quantities of births in this age group.

And the speech at the Republican Governors Convention in Dallas on the day Sarah Palin went into labor. Her water broke (apparently) while she was giving the speech, but, she had started leaking amniotic fluid at 4:00 in the morning:

On Friday, April 18th, 2008, Sarah and her husband Todd were in Dallas, Texas for a Republican Governor’s Convention. They had been in town for three days already, but Sarah had yet to give her keynote speaker address on energy policy. Then early Friday morning at 4:00am, Sarah began leaking amniotic fluid. Instead of checking into a hospital, she instead made a call to her doctor, and delivered the keynote speech.

“I was not going to miss that speech,” she says.

She rushed so quickly from the podium afterwards that Texas Gov. Rick Perry nervously asked if she was about to deliver the baby then.

The oddities only grow from here on, as instead of rushing to a Dallas medical facility that could treat a mother who’s amniotic fluid has been draining for hours on end (made even more crucial due to the fact that this is occurring a full month prematurely), Sarah & Todd instead opted to… Fly all the way back from Texas to Alaska. A dangerous choice, as with each pregnancy (once again, in this case after four previous), a mother’s window of labor to delivery grows shorter and shorter.

Aboard Alaska Airlines, the flight lasted for eight hours, with an additional landing in Seattle. The majority of commercial airlines require mothers seven months pregnant to provide a doctor’s letter to fly, but Sarah did not inform the airline of her condition. Alaska Airlines is one of the few airlines that do not require such a notice, despite the possibility of an emergency landings being required in such scenarios. That said, no one on board noticed that Sarah was going into labor:

“We leave the decision to fly up to our customers and their medical advisers,” according to Alaska Airlines representative Caroline Boren.

“Governor Palin was extremely pleasant to flight attendants and her stage of pregnancy was not apparent by observation as she didn’t show any signs of distress,” Boren said.

Eight months pregnant. A 6.2 pound fetus. No one notices a visible trace. By the third trimester, a perfectly fit woman not wearing anything less than a space suit should be easily spotted as pregnant. Not in Sarah’s case.

The plane then made a landing in Anchorage, Alaska. Does Sarah then visit a medical facility that can accommodate a premature birth in Alaska’s most equipped city? No. She drives 45 minutes away, to Mat-Su Regional Medical Center, right outside the small village she used to govern as Mayor, Wasilla. Trig Palin is then delivered one month premature, Friday night. Sarah returned to work after three days.

The inherent need to absolutely have Trig delivered in a remote and possibly ill-equipped facility for premature deliveries, where Sarah would likely have numerous contacts and pull, does not sit well. The doctor, Cathy Baldwin-Johnson, approving of all of these actions borders on malpractice. Not treating leaking amniotic fluid causes infections, and time is of the essence after water breaks. Husband Todd Palin simply delivers this winner of a line:

“You can’t have a fish picker from Texas,” said Todd.

You really need to read the whole thing and study the pictures. There’s a lot more to this than we’ve been told.

25 Responses to “DK Diarist Points To More Signs That Sarah Palin Is Not Trig Palin’s Mother”

  1. tas says:

    “Or it could just be crazy Cubans!” I believe that’s the quote from a WaPo editor in “All The President’s Men,” concerning the beginning of Watergate.

    I have to put on an editor’s cap here. By that, I mean if I were running a newspaper and this story came up, looking at the current evidence backing the story and say it’s very interesting, but… There’s just not enough here to run with right now. Reasons for this:

    1. All pictures we see of Gov. Palin show her with a coat or some other sort of covering for her upper body on. She lives in Alaska, so this isn’t out of the ordinary.

    2. We don’t have any pictures of her from the governer’s conference in Texas. Furthermore, we have circumstantial evidence of her being pregnant from that conference — Rick Perry is on record being worried and saying that Gov. Palin acted erratically (which would have been in character for her given the circumstances if she were pregnant) afterwards.

    3. We have the before photos of Palin, but we don’t have the after photos. Here’s one photo of her from the Dayton rally and it looks like she dropped weight, but that could mean she just has a weight problem, too. Run of the mill teenage stuff there.

    4. Most importantly, we don’t have anybody talking.

    So while there are some fishy facts surrounding the matter, there’s noting concrete. Some commenters at dKos have said there’s other things to hammer Palin on, namely the troopergate scandal where Monegan is talking and it’s already been proven that she lied. Something can be made of her executive judgement and the AGIA mess, too. But unless some other details break in this story, it’s just too hot to handle. While Watergate wasn’t crazy Cubans and broke into something much bigger, we still don’t know about this story. Somebody would have to talk to give it validity, and legs.

  2. ben says:

    Smells like bait. It’s easy to hold back a load of pictures of both mother and daughter at 9 months that leaves NO DOUBT, wait for the left to jump all over the planted story, then publish those photos thereby discrediting those that piled on.

  3. Ace Armstrong says:

    The interesting part of this is the fact the child has Down’s Syndrome and the elephant boys are playing it up for the pro-life people. Even though she supposedly knew beforehand that the baby had this condition she opted to have it anyway because of her religious beliefs. If this is all true then there must be sonograms and doctor’s reports on this. Since this is a talking point on the McSame camp’s PR spin, it certainly begs deeper investigation.
    Why did she wait so long to inform the public of her pregnancy?
    Where was the daughter?
    Why go all the way back to Wasilla?

  4. tas says:

    I’ve been searching Flickr, and here’s a picture of Gov. Palin taken on Feb. 26, 2008. At this point, she would have been a little more than 6 months ago:

    While all photos I see of her show her wearing a jacket, this photo is unique for two reasons:

    1. Other people at that press conference were dressed in short sleeves. This indicates that she had no reason to wear heavy clothing for warmth, meaning that she could have been trying to hide her pregnancy. She hadn’t yet announced it to the public.

    2. More importantly, she’s turned sideways. Notice her scarf — it doesn’t dip inwards after going over her breasts. It goes slightly outwards after that point, indicating that she has a belly under that jacket.

    So, I mean.. She looks like she could be pregnant there. Very reasonably looks like she could be.

    Let’s also remember that older parents are more likely to birth a child with Downs syndrome. For mother’s 45 and older, 1 in 19 children born to them have Downs.

    Should the story be pursued at this point?

  5. Craig says:

    Tas, thanks for trying to hold the line for reasoned thought, and the sorting out of facts from rumour and fabrication. This all smells like people who want to retro-fit circumstancial information toward a desired result. The convoluted argument by the Kos blogger on the Down’s age data is one example, which you are rightly pointing out.

    “Stupid Politician tricks” happen in this world all the time, but this one would be one of the most monumental screwups in U.S. political history if it were true. That a Governor would try to pull off a very recent baby switcheroo, with such a remote chance of success even at the Sate-level, and would consciously put their folly on a national stage (and under a media microscope) and recklessly sabotage their national party by hiding it from the McCain camp, just doesn’t pass the smell test for authenticity.

    There are so much legitimate debateable issues to discuss here, simply based upon Palin’s actual record and accomplishments that this kind of big-time tin-foil conspiracy chasing actually helps McCain by diverting resources and energy away the real work that can be done by the Left, and actually could generate some sympathy toward Palin due to the perception that the attacks on her are slanderous and unseemly.

  6. Rob says:

    Palin is going to be the Tom Eagleton of the GOP.

    There are lingering doubts about the story she is telling about the birth of her latest child, who has Down’s Syndrome, and who was reportedly born a month prematurely. In reality, it wasn’t Palin herself who had that child, it was her 16 year old daughter.

    Palin didn’t announce that she was preggers to her staffers for several months even though nothing sells in politics, especially in winger land, like motherhood.

    Then eight months pregnant, she says, she flew to an energy conference in Texas, where, during the night, she started leaking amniotic fluid. Her water broke and even though she supposedly knew that the baby was going to have Down’s Syndrome, which also brings with it possible severe complications, she made the speech and then, after getting the okay to FLY FOR 12 HOURS BACK TO ALASKA despite the threat of sepsis, which could have killed both her and the child, she landed in Seattle, talked to the physician, who said it was okay for her to make her connecting flight back to Alaska.

    She arrived 9n Alaska and gave birth the next morning.

    Now my mother is a former pediatric nurse (retired in 2000 after about 30 years on the job) and she told me this story is “fishier than tuna” and finds it “unbelievable” that a physician would allow her to get back on a plane rather than urging her to immediately seek medical attention. At the very least, Palin acted negligently and my mother thinks that the physician did not tell her to get on that plane.

    Here is likely what really happened:

    At 4 a.m. Texas time, she gets a cellphone call that her daughter’s water had broken. Palin had to keep the story congruent with what was happening to her daughter, so she told everyone her water had broken when that was not the case. She called her daughter’s physician before she got on the plane and flew to Seattle and then called him again before flying on home. The daughter gave birth the next morning.

    Oh, I didn’t mention one thing: Palin’s daughter had been pulled out of school five months before she gave birth, ostensibly for “mono.” In a lot of neighborhoods in America, “mono” is a code word for “I got knocked up” or “I did some time in a correctional facility” among juveniles. How convenient.

    Palin had to maintain this charade because she didn’t want her Christian Right followers to know that her daughter had given birth out of wedlock and sinned. She has thus lied to the media and the American people and she will be greeted like Linda Smith (the murderer) by her evangelical following, who she also lied to, if she is found out.

    In a new development, there is no listing of any births occurring on the birthdate of the newest Palin addition at the hospital she allegedly gave birth in.

    The photos that are being seen across the net are now being scrubbed by Palin’s campaign people.

    The selection of her by McCain also follows a pattern of behavior. He has always been highly impulsive, his native impatience marked by his refusal, for example, to read flight manuals while he was in the Navy. He was protected by his father, a big shot admiral, and could get away with it. He womanized like it was going out of style and crashed at least four airplanes (millions in taxpayer money, also making him a worse pilot turned pol than Bob Dornan) before he was shot down by the North Vietnamese. But even there, he was treated relatively gently compared to the treatment meted out to other and lesser known prisoners.

    His first wife saw him through his convalescence and then he jumped into an affair with his current wife. His impulsiveness raised its head again after meeting Palin just once before naming her his VP nominee.

    Once she is found out and forced to step down, that will make McCain’s presidential bid a Campaign to Nowhere. Neither of these two has the integrity to be the leader of the free world. And the above demonstrates that amply.

    As for the physician, who has backed up Palin’s story, there are one of either two motives at work here: one, he or the medical group he might be a part of didn’t want to lose a high powered client or possible further state business. It will be interesting to see if any Alaska state money ends up in this guy’s bank account for state-related things other than treating Palin.

    Secondly, he could want to be the next Bill Frist and run for office and Palin’s connections could help him a lot there.

    Whatever the case, both her and he are lying, I believe.

  7. chris says:

    The physician in question, Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson, was appointed by Palin to the Alaska Health Care Council in 2007.

    Of course, along with the pictures of Palin during her pregnancy, the announcement has been deleted and is only available in google cache:

  8. roschelle says:

    A governor with a 80% approval rating while 87% of Alaskans are positive that she’s lying about her hand in having or trying to have her ex brother-in-law fired. Governor Palin appears to be very well-spoken, an advocate of political reform and yes a self-described hockey mom. But she’s also a blatant liar who didn’t think her plan to attempt to cover up her oldest daughter’s pregnancy would ever come back to haunt her.

  9. Susan Harbur says:

    A question that I haven’t seen asked…why did Sarah Palin have amniocentesis performed when she is completely anti-abortion? Amnio is performed to check the amniotic fluid for signs of chromosomal disorders. Downs is not diagnosed from a sonogram. It is a chromosomal diagnosis. Why check for abnormalities when you have no intention of terminating a pregnancy?
    Amnio always carries a degree of risk to the fetus. I wonder how many right-to-lifers have amnio unless the mother’s health is at risk. And the current GOP platform calls for the end of all abortions, even to save the life of the mother.

  10. mweholt says:

    Okay… sigh… again, I wish this (if there is any “this” there) would come out in some other way, but here’s another curious thing. According to the birth announcement, here:

    the baby was born on April 18, 2008 at Mat-Su Regional.

    As it happens, Mat-Su Regional has a baby registry page where you can find the names and pics of babies born on a particular day. There is no sign of a Palin birth on April 18. Nor on any day in April 2008. Nor anywhere.

    Okay, so it was the Governor… maybe they left the baby’s name out of the registry for… I dunno… because she was the Governor???

    Or maybe not all names of babies born there are entered in the registry?

    Who the hell knows… but it is… curious…

    Here’s the baby registry main page:

    Go ahead look it up yourself.

    I read about this here:

  11. MAK says:

    Susan, had an amnio done when I was pregnant at 44. The reason I did this is so that I would be prepared if I had a special needs child. A child with DS can have other health related problems, including those of the heart. If necessary, I wanted my baby to have the proper health care the minute he was born. Plus, I wanted my family and I to be prepared for the sake of the baby.

  12. yarrrr says:

    A few day’s before she gave birth…

  13. tas says:

    Craig, I won’t say that this story didn’t sound interesting, mostly because the details of it are so odd. I still wonder why anyone would have to fly from Texas to Alaska to give birth to a child. So I won’t say that doesn’t sound fishy… But there’s also nothing conclusive here, and there’s evidence that she was pregnant. I thought that needed to be presented.

  14. WilliamWallace says:

    The idiot at Kos couldn’t even get the date correct on the picture they posted. The picture that is supposed to show Bristol as being pregnant was taken in 2006. That would make for the longest Pregnancy in history!

    In fact, numerous items in the diary are dead wrong. INCLUDING conveniently leaving out some photos of Gov. Palin which clearly show her as being pregnant. (Some of these have surfaced on blogs pointing out the idiocy of the Kos diary.)

    BTW: Bristol Palin is not a public figure. Thus, the standard legal rules for libel apply. The idiots that posted the original diary just opened themselves up for legal action. Individuals who repost the libel could be as well. Spreading defamatory comments and then attempting to cover yourself by attributing the original comments to someone else doesn’t cut it.

  15. mweholt says:

    What are your qualifications for rendering a legal opinion on the law of libel?

    Look, it’s becoming more and more obvious that the McCain campaign did little if any vetting of their nominee. We are hiring a Vice President. We have a right to know who this person is. If the McCain campaign couldn’t be bothered to ask Palin about, and look into, whatever deepest darkest secrets she might have, then the American people will have to do it themselves. Sadly, we aren’t as skilled as your run-of-the-mill sleazy, hard-nosed, steely-eyed campaign lawyers. We will just have to stumble around doing the best we can until we can get some idea of who this person is. It is the office of the Vice President, after all, she’s applying for.

    If they didn’t want people looking around in every direction for clues about who this person is, they should’ve nominated a known and thoroughly vetted political figure. This is the price that has to be paid for McCain’s impulsiveness. Sorry about that, but don’t blame us. Blame him.

  16. Charles says:

    Kathy, there is a news article from April that supports Palin’s version. Her obstetrician says she was consulted regarding flying back after Palin’s water had broken, and she assented. I would call this direct confirmation that Palin is Trig’s mother. Doctors, like anyone else, can lie, but there are professional consequences.

    To repeat myself on a point that people like William Wallace need to hear: no one should be surprised or pretend to be shocked that people are discussing the matter. Palin is interviewing for a very senior position and her veracity is a legitimate issue.

    One might add that the Republicans didn’t shrink from attacking Chelsea Clinton when she was 12 years old. This doesn’t stop them from being total hypocrites how, when it suits their political purposes.

  17. elle says:

    have any of you dopes that believe this trash looked at a picture of nicole kidman?
    right before she gave birth you could hardly tell she was pregnant

    then look at pics of her 2 weeks after the birth, thin as a rail

    to attack a teenage girl with this unsubstantiated trash is disgusting

  18. elee says:

    a lot of people, including myself (4 kids) elected for privacy reasons (getting phone calls soliciting baby stuff and junk mail) to NOT PUBLICIZE THE BIRTH IN THE LOCAL PAPER, this doesn’t mean squat

  19. elee says:

    the republican party did not attack chelsea, mccain told a very unfortunate joke, apologized to the clintons, and no one ever made such disgutsing attacks on a candidates child such as being made at bristol, you ought to be ashamed of yourselves, “the compassionate party” my ass

  20. HeatherRainbow says:

    I’d also like to point out, that since Palin stated her daughter is 5 months pregnant (now), that she doesn’t look five months pregnant, Now. (See pictures, esp AP photo)

  21. ElizabethS says:

    Re: the question about having an amnio if you aren’t going to abort. I had a regular ultrasound, where the baby looked “fine’ but seemed to be about 3 weeks behind the gestational date we thought. When I was SIX MONTHS pregnant, another doctor looked at me and said he wanted to do another ultrasound…because I was so small. (This was not my first baby, either!) The ultrasound showed some complications and they HAD to do an amnio to find out what was going on, so we could see if the baby could be helped. She had Edwards Syndrome (kind of like Down’s, but more going on), and couldn’t be helped in utero…..and the amnio was a blessing to us, so we could take the rest of the pregnancy to prepare ourselves for having a handicapped child. We went all the way to my due date and got to the hospital. She, like Trig, was a very small baby….but, unlike Trig, she died at birth.

    Please, everyone…..Dem, Indep, Repub, whatever…… No more judgements on how she handled her pregnancy. It is challenging to be pregnant with a handicapped child. I don’t blame her for “hiding” her pregnancy for so long. You who are women who have been pregnant know how many questions general members of the public ask when they see you are pregnant, even up to strangers who touch your belly, etc! It is MUCH WORSE when you are carrying a handicapped child. The questions can be beyond the pale, and a pregnant woman owes it to her baby and herself to be as stress free as possible.

    Had I not walked down a similar road myself, I might not care so much about this…..but I felt I had to write.

  22. Publius says:

    Trig Palin was born on 4/18/08. That gives Bristol just enough time to be in her fifth month of a new pregnancy. Just because Bristol is pregnant now, doesn’t mean she wasn’t pregnant before.

  23. Kendy says:

    For the girl to have given birth to Trig AND be five months pregnant, she would have had to have gotten knocked up the day she popped out that baby. come on now, be realistic. Say that the rumors are untrue about her being Trig’s mom… or say that the Palins are lying about her being 5 months along… but let’s not be completely ridiculous.

  24. Nora says:

    Republican lies make republicans untrustworthy. I am about the same height and weight as Sarah Palin. When I was pregnant with my first child and was seven months pregnant, it showed. When I was pregnant with my second child, my muscles were weaker from having been pregnant before. At seven months, I showed even more. The Anchorage Daily News reported that people who worked with Palin were suprised when she claimed to be seven months pregnant, because Palin didn’t look pregnant. Supposedly, at the time, Palin was pregnant with her fifth kid. Every woman who has ever been pregnant knows Palin is lying. She would have to weigh over 200 pounds for her fifth pregnancy not to have shown. Republican lies make republicans untrustworthy.

  25. Mark Adams says:

    The Daily Kos pulled the story and Kos himself says he doesn’t believe it. As for your comments about the article being well-sourced, that is not entirely true. Many statements aren’t sourced and some of the sources and dates are misleading.


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