Epic Fail Overload

The news of Sarah Palin’s selection as a running mate is producing hard and fast news, and not much of it appears to be very good for McCain.  Indeed, in the two or three hours I’ve known about his selection, everything about this choice has had EPIC FAIL written all over it, so much so that I’m starting to experience overload.

So do we have yet another McCain flip-flop in the offing?  I can’t remember who, but I want to tentatively say it’s Steve Benen who has McCain pegged at somewhere in the seventies when it comes to flip-flops.  Unfortunately, he just picked a running mate who is on opposite sides of ANWR drilling as he is.  Will McCain stick to his mavericky guns?  Or will he fold to his new running mate’s position?

I’m sure you can figure out my guess on that one.

Luckily for him, he won’t have to worry about whether or not he and his running mate have complimentary track records on foreign policy.  This would probably be because his running mate doesn’t have a track record on foreign policy (h/t Cernig).  She also seems pretty thin on drugs, free trade, family & children, immigration, jobs, and I think you get the point.

Also from the Cernig, it turns out that not only is Palin thuggish when it comes to the environment, she’s a die hard creationist.  To use McCain’s own words, “My friends, that’s not change you can believe in.”

It is, as many Democrats are rightfully pointing out, a hail mary pass.

As a final note, I wanted to go back to my buddy Cernig in the second of his posts linked above.  Cindy McCain may want to remember how she got her husband in the first place over the course of the next two months.  You know, John McCain’s record on fidelity, particularly where models are involved, is not exactly the greatest.

4 Responses to “Epic Fail Overload”

  1. John Shreffler says:


    McCain is the latest reincarnation of Gen, John Bell Hood, whom Gen. Lee described as “All of the lion, none of the fox.” This election is going to be another Battle of Nashville with the GOP in the role of the Army of Tennessee. Wow! I haven’t seen anything to top this Palin VP choice for rashness in a long time. It doesn’t make any sense. All that Obama and Biden are going to do is ignore her and keep piling it on McCain, who at one stroke demolished his experience argument and opened up his age as a legitimate concern.

  2. I think you are dead on, though, I admit the historical references kind of lose me (I know, I know, a political scientist/analyst that’s bad at history, I know it makes no sense, but that might be why I’m not pro).

    in reality, this pick just goes to prove a key argument against McCain that has been there all along; he doesn’t think, he’s too rash. It’s this kind of thinking that, when applied on the national and global stage is extremely dangerous, but people buy into it because it sounds an awful lot like common sense.

    Gov. Palin’s selection is little different than McCain’s knee jerk reaction to the Russia/Georgia conflict, his unintellectual approach militaristic approach to the middle east, even his insistance on drilling for oil. It’s easy to paint all of these things as 2+2=4, but in real life they don’t add up.

  3. Kathy says:

    Re Cindy McCain thinking about how she got her husband: I had that same thought! Actually, the thought occurred to me when I read that comment on another of your posts, Kyle, about how “hot” Palin is, and you said you’re not attracted to Republican women (heh). I thought, Hmmm, that’s got danger signs all over it!

  4. Craig says:

    Nice sexist snark to end with. Because you know, a pretty woman, no matter how smart and professional, will succumb to the vapors in the presence of a powerful man!

    Stay classy.

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