Have You Heard Sarah Palin’s Acceptance Speech?

Is it a requirement for far right Republican politicians now that they be unable to pronounce the word “nuclear”?

This is a moment when great causes can be won, and great threats overcome depending on the judgment of our next president. In a dangerous world, it is John McCain who will lead America’s friends and allies in preventing Iran from acquiring nucular weapons.

And she knew it, too. Look at her face, the moment the word left her mouth.

11 Responses to “Have You Heard Sarah Palin’s Acceptance Speech?”

  1. Lori Ross says:

    How can this country cheer and scream when a person who is supposed to represent us say disrespectful and knowingly hurtful comments towards another? I look for the day when we regain our courtesy and civility towards one another. The society is becoming less united and more vindictive. Ms Palin’s speech exemplified the disrespect and glorified it for all to hear.

    I have found Mr. Obama’s speeches to be inspiring and respectful while informing us of his intentions. He could lead us into a new way of interacting with each other.

  2. J. Peters says:

    It was a terribly weak speech. Slowly given with pauses for the correct Republican audience responses. About as appealing as someone giving the weather report. I don’t get the raves by commentators on television. Of course, she is able to deliver a speech that was written for her in a capable manner but the words did not always fit her cadence. She repeated some of the same lines from her announcement speech. Belitting her opponent did not succeed in making her look “bigger.”

    I am very disappointed in John McCain. This country deserves better.

  3. Anna says:

    Sarah’s speech was rather sophomoric. She is not running for Vice President of the high school student council. She has only criticized others. There was nothing to give me any indication of political competence. How is she prepared to take leadership if McCain croaks????? She spoke heavily on McCain’s qualifications being experience as prisoner of war – many people have been prisoners of war but are not suitable to be president. NO REAL ISSUES WERE ADDRESSED.And talk of her as a ‘hockey mom’ is insulting to hockey moms – most are not so snarky.

  4. I hope middle-Americans listening to Palin’s speech weren’t fooled by her. She is representing the Republican party and its agenda.

    Where does she stand on: child care for working women, maternity leave, universal health care, minimum wage, funding for public education, equal pay for equal work, tax cuts for middle and low income Americans, political contributions from corporations, illegal war actions, protection of the environment????

    Will Washington really change if people who support the Republican agenda are elected into office AGAIN? Will alternative energy sources truly be researched and funded if those elected are in the big oil company’s back pocket? Will middle and low class Americans reap the rewards of their hard work . . . or will we continue to provide tax breaks and financial rewards to the already wealthy while waiting for the benefits to come trickling down? Will corporations be held financial responsible for the damage they do to the environment?

    She may be a woman but she does not stand for anything that I believe in.

    Oh, maybe support for special needs children but good luck to her trying to get Republicans to fund any substantial and meaningful programs to benefit those who need help (and not through any supposed laziness or sense of entitlement).

    Women are smart enough to read through her. I certainly hope.

  5. LydiaRuth says:

    Seems like her speech was more appropriate for high school prom queen rather than VP of USA. This entire night has been disgusting. I had more respect for the John McCain of 2000. Tonight’s speeches sounded like something you would here on the Comedy Central.

    God Help America.

    The Republican party of today IS NOT the party of Licoln, T. Roosevelt, Reagan, and Bush. It is a party of gun-toting, mucus spitting, ignorant, hateful people. The party that courted the “religious-right” for years, have now turned their backs on us. Sure, any family, regardless of how well parenting is done, can result in a teenage pregnancy. But, to expose that child to public scrutiny. . . to continue on with your personal goals. . . to encourage teenage marriage.

    And, what is the message to other teenagers across America. “If the potential VP is ok with teenage pregnancy in her own home, . . . encourage teenage marriage. . . seeks her own desires over those of her family. . . her 5 children. . .then what do we say?

    I believe that women have been barred from many opportunities and are very capable of doing outstanding feats even as an officer of this country. But, let’s face it. We can’t do it all well at the same time. We have to make choices. And, as the Republican motto of this year is “Country First”, Ms Palin portrays not “Country First”, not “Family First” but rather “Me First”.

    If the “Republican” party wins this election, it will be a sad day for this country. Wild-wild west

  6. Maria says:

    I don’t understand why all these analyst thinks Sarah Palin’s speech was so great, she introduced her family which was good, however, all she did was attack Barack Obama, from the work he has done for deserving people in Chicago and the work he has done in the senate. The speech had absolutely no substance whatsoever, it was like watching paint dry, I was waiting to hear what was going to be done about escalating gas prices, foreclosures, unemployment, the end of the war in Iraq, help for college students, equal pay for equal work for women, you know THE ECONOMY!!!!!, the real issues, all that was stated in that speech was just insults and sarcasm towards Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Well I guess when you have no platform other than to follow that of the current President, then you have to be reduce to insults and attacks, with no substance. Is that really the best the Republicans have, then I guess if the American people like a lot of double talk and no substance, then we have a President and Vice President, however I think the American people are a lot more intelligent than that, and deserves a hell of a lot more.

  7. nicoleb says:

    The condescending, hypocritical, non-substantive tone of this speech failed on every level. The fact that the McCain campaign looks to gain Hillary Clinton supporters appalls me based on this speech alone. In particular, her comment that the difference between mayors and community organizers is that mayors have “actual responsibilities” proves the ignorance of this stance in addition to the true purpose of social aid exhibited by community
    activists. Often community organizers work to provide more acts of charity and justice than
    those in elected roles. Further, the recent attacks on
    media are absurd. She spends most of her time speaking about her family and mentions
    her son’s service. If her son,a military involvement and husband’s participation with a union can serve as a positive reflection of her, then media has an overt right to use her daughter as a negative reflection. Finally, the constant contradictions made to the reality of Republican aid to the poor were truly manifested in her speech through ommission of truth. The constant complaint of Democrat tax raising fails to address who will truly be affected(the wealthy) and does not address the social support in poverty situations that is a primary commitment of those Palin bashed. Now, more than ever , I realize the neccesity of Obama being elected.

  8. gina karwel says:

    The speech upset me at first because she delivered it so well, vitriolic as it was. Upon , further reflection it really was a family guns & flag speech with little substance. Typical snide Republican Campaign fodder. She will inspire some of the easily fooled to vote for her, though. It inspired me to get off my ass & send Obama $50, so I guess some good came out of it. Put your money where your mouth is & send Obama whatever you can. Our future depends on it!

  9. Dave says:

    It really doesn’t matter to me how well Palin did in her speech last night. I will not vote for McCain primarily due to his age (72) and his medical history. Sarah Palin is not qualified to be the President of this country. Not that McCain is qualified either, but that is another matter. Bottom line… McCain & Palin will not get my vote due to McCains advanced age. Palin could have given the speech of the century last night, at the end of the day, it just doesn’t matter to me. The Republicans have been in the White House for 8 years and look where we are now. It’s time for a change & John McCain is not the man for the job.

  10. sallyhoward says:

    I wish America would wake up and open their eyes. this woman is cold, calculating, and only cares for herself. I been research every newspaper throughout Alaska, and found nothing I liked about this person, who kills wolves, and don’t care about Polar Bears, or anything. She parades her 17 year old daughter around, knowing that this is the hardest thing for a young girl, still in high school to go through. My own sister got pregnant at 16, and I remember the problems, and fights, that her and my mom got into. How my sister now has 8 children and no education, and all kind of issues. She needs to really be there for her children. I am 39 with a 1 year old daughter and another on the way. I want a better world for my little girl, and my other child that is on the way. I am not biased. I researched even Barack Obama, before I decided he is the right choice for my family and I. This one is out for herself. I am not saying this because I am an obama supporter. Since the day she was introduced, I had bad feelings about her. I don’t want her to become the president of the United States of America, if something happens to McCain. Her heart is not in the right place. Her leadership abilities are already being questioned in Alaska. If you don’t follow this woman or agree with everything she says or believe in, I believe you would have a problem. So I say this prayer for all Americans, that Sarah Palin do not make it to the White House. I say this prayer that the best person for the job is someone who cares about all of Gods creators, including Polar bears. Lets protect the natural beauty of Alaska, from this woman. Thank you.

  11. Christine says:

    Palin’s speech was appalling! A scary situation for our nation if this is the best we can do in leadership. Have we become a country of gullible citizens? Unbelievable! I guess “small town” America does not face the issues of an eroding economy, spiraling unemployment, unaffordable health insurance, edcuation system etc. McCain is too old to be President! I’ll take Obama — what he lacks in experience — he makes up for in his drive and determination to get our country back on track.


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