Hillary Clinton Speech Liveblog

Well, Mrs. Clinton should be taking the stage in just a little while, and so I’m getting a jump and setting things up for the liveblogging now.   Just like our debate liveblogs through the primary cycle, we’re going to do our liveblogging in the comments section so everyone is not only free to join, but actually encouraged to do so.

All we ask is that you keep your language relatively clean, and be respectful.

So, we’re going to go ahead and try and cover both Hillary Clinton’s and Mark Warner’s speeches.  I hope you’ll join us!

88 Responses to “Hillary Clinton Speech Liveblog”

  1. That is the second time I have heard the 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling comment. Good one.

  2. You know, I don’t think I’ve ever heard Chelsea’s voice. It’s almost weird.

  3. Come on Hill. Thread the damn needle.

  4. and heeeeerrreee we go!

  5. And President Clinton is getting a little misty eyed.

  6. And you know, this is a big moment for Clinton, she has a lot riding on her, a lot for Obama, but also a lot for her own legacy, her own political career, and a lot for the future of the country.

  7. “and a proud supporter of Barack Obama”

  8. Ok, so as my wife so aptly put it, she has clearly already done her job.

  9. matttbastard says:

    She’s salvaging (and solidifying) her legacy.

    Marc Ambinder via twitter: “Hillary is to DNC 08 what Obama was to DNC 04? ”

    (Briefly checking in — I’m having too much fun tweeting.)

  10. Actually, I think the bit after it is the money shot. To paraphrase, ‘I haven’t spent my life working for this so a bunch of PUMAs can give us another Republican in the White House.’

  11. I like Tweeting as well… thanks for stopping by.

  12. Hey Matt!

    Why am I a blogger in two fields, gaming and politics, and yet I always feel like a goddamn dinosaur!

  13. Cuz you are a goddamn dinosaur.

  14. “Sisterhood of the traveling pantsuits…”


  15. I like the Canary pantsuit, this orange thing is a bit much… LOL

  16. You know, she’s delivering a solid speech, substantive. She’s getting some jabs in, but they are subtle.

  17. NOOOOO!

    MSNBC just crapped on me!

  18. Lost feed…. lost feed….

    damn it

  19. “Ask yourselves, were you in this campaign just for me or were you in it for that young marine and others like him?”

    Clearly she is saying this is not about me.

  20. I’m so upset.

    okay, back in.

    Clinton is now getting into more substantive advocacy of Obama, and I’m liking it. Also, she is hitting on a key and awesome theme that I’m seeing recur in which the Democrats are saying, okay, look, we believe in the American people.

  21. Look, there is no question the media has no footing to keep up their Clinton vs. Obama meme. This speech is a clear message, now let’s see if the media hears it.

  22. matttbastard says:

    You know when the guy gets shot in war movies and implores his buddies: “Go on without me” That’s Clinton’s pitch in this part of the speech

    – John Dickerson via Twitter.

  23. By the way, we (this means me and you my friend) need to start using the language the Rethugs are using… the prospect of a John McCain presidency is DANGEROUS.

  24. I’m sorry, she is kicking so much ass right now, and she just kicked McCain in the nuts! She has this crowd in a frenzy. This crowd is off the damn chain!

  25. Look, it’s pretty clear after this, if you are a Hillary supporter, and this speech doesn’t put you firmly in Obama’s corner, you aren’t really a Hillary supporter.




  26. Hillary is simply on FIRE! This is about moving forward or slipping into hell! She is one hell of a campaigner. She kicked ass!

  27. Olbermann said it clearly, “I don’t know how it could have been better.”

  28. Okay, I’m sorry, I’m not providing a whole lot of useful commentary at this moment, but here’s my great political insight on this. She just delivered the political speech of her career, and she just paved the way for the rest of this convention to be about not some discorded group of deranged individuals, but about winning.

    You know, a lot of people were worried, but I’m not, not any more, this has been a killer night.

  29. Closing benediction… shout out to Asian Americans here, which I appreciate.

  30. matttbastard says:

    HRC quoting Harrier Tubman marks the first time Hillary Clinton has given me chills. Where was this woman a year ago? I miss her.

    – Ana Marie Cox via Twitter

  31. I agree with you Kyle, Democrats should sleep well tonight knowing their party is serious and on the way to the White House.

  32. This has been… Like I said, from the Janet Napolatino to Hillary Clinton was simply pitch perfect. Attack attack attack, didn’t give McCain an inch, and yet there was strong, very strong advocacy for Obama.

    Biden’s going to clean some clocks when he takes the stage later this week, and seriously, you gotta think that Obama is just going to electrify these people.

  33. matttbastard says:

    Legacy saved. Mission accomplished. Tuning into CNN to see how TBPTOT spins this to fit the lingering bitterness narrative.

    – matttbastard via Twitter.

  34. And I want to second Matt’s tweeting from Anna Marie Cox (did I get the verb conjugation right there?)… When Clinton started quoting Harriet Tubman, that was just insane. Absolutely, positively insane.

  35. And here’s my thoughts; after tonight, the RNC better be shitting themselves because this is not the Democratic Party of 2004.




  36. Ok boys, I need to get to the family.

    My message now, Democrats…

  37. Yup, I’m talking to two of our other co-bloggers, tas and Kathy right now via gmail.

    This was the change of tone everyone was looking for.

  38. Gina says:

    So, now Obama and the DNC want to hold the roll call away from the main hall, and stop the vote partially through … just in case Hillary does well, which might embarrass Obama and the DNC. This is what happens when a candidate and a party manipulate the process, and try to force a candidate down the throats of the constituents. Obama might have trashed the Clintons, and gotten over 90% of the black vote, but in the process America has been thrown under the bus.


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