I Like a Man Who Honors and Respects His Wife

Josh Marshall posts a video of Sen. McCain at a campaign event, telling the crowd he thinks Cindy McCain should compete in a bikini beauty pageant at the Buffalo Chip Campground:

We’re trying to find out a bit more about the Bikini Beauty Pageant at the Buffalo Chip, where John McCain showed up and offered up wife Cindy as a contestant. ESPN says the event is topless and “occasionally bottomless”. Actually their description is worth quoting in full …

Buffalo Chip has a reputation for that sort of thing. It holds a Miss Buffalo Chip contest every night, which is essentially a topless beauty pageant. And occasionally bottomless, too. During a drenching rain Wednesday night, the contest broke up into smaller groups and one woman wound up dancing naked on a bar top. Her boyfriend/husband saw her and angrily dragged her away as she struggled to put her pants back on and muttered something about how, “It’s only this one week a year.”

Here is the video:


4 Responses to “I Like a Man Who Honors and Respects His Wife”

  1. terry says:

    If you notice in the video, he’s reading his remarks. So that means he either has a staffer that is so stupid they had no idea what happens at the “beauty” contest.

    Or they knew and were totally pandering to the bikers.

    I’m guessing the latter.

  2. Kathy says:

    Even if he didn’t know all the details about the contest, publicly offering his wife as a contestant in a beauty competition is disrespectful, condescending, and demeaning.

    And I don’t believe he didn’t know the details. I think it’s a mistake to let McCain off the hook on the grounds that his staff led him wrong. If he’s that easy to mislead, he should not be president.

  3. tas says:

    Could you imagine the crazy shrieks from Big Tent Democrat, Jeralyn, No Quarter, and Taylor Marsh had Obama said the same thing at the same event if it was during the primary run? I wonder why they’re all so mum now. It certainly couldn’t be because they’re all friggen hypocrites…

  4. Hold_That_Tiger says:

    Frankly, I don’t think that it is a big deal that McCain made this gaffe, I suspect that McCain, like many men in his generation, views his Wife as a reflection of his own sense of self-worth. This seems to be especially true of some male Politicians both on the right and on the left. In all likelyhood McCain didn’t realize that “Miss Buffalo Chip” was essentially a T & A contest, but rather, thought of it as a tribute to female (outer) beauty, which his much younger, much botoxed wife still has in her 50’s.

    The rational voter has only to review where McCain stands on women’s issues to see that McCain stands to the far, far right on issues such as abortion, family planning, and equal pay for equal work, etc. However, if the brouhaha about this minor misstep enlightens the crack-pot faction of Hillary supporters still vocally proclaiming that they will vote for McCain rather than Obama, despite McCain’s political stance being diametrically opposed to Mrs. Clinton’s, then I will be happy.

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