Is Palin running for veep or tin horn dictator?

Even from from days as mayor of Wasilla, she has a history of firing officials on a whim. In this case, the Wasilla police chief supported her election opponent in 1996, so she fired him for “not fully supporting her efforts to govern”. Is that even legal? Palin even managed to fired Wasilla’s library director for the same reason, because we all know that running a library is so important to town government! Egads.

The more I read about Palin the more I think she has a power trip complex. Eight years of a presidency where good people are canned because they aren’t loyal enough to der leader is enough, we don’t need another Bush-type politician sitting a heartbeat away from the presidency. Simply put, Palin isn’t mature enough for the job.

[h/t: TPM]

5 Responses to “Is Palin running for veep or tin horn dictator?”

  1. Ace Armstrong says:

    It’s not just Palin. As closet royalist, republican always confuse leadership and intelligent governance with dictatorial empowerment.

  2. nick says:

    A bigger question would be- what are YOU running for? Take a valium.

  3. tas says:

    Did you tell the Swiftboaters for “take a valium” for hyperventilating over far lesser issues in 2004? If I remember correctly, they were picking apart minute details of Kerry’s speeches on the Senate floor — from 20 fucking years ago. Palin shows a propensity to step all over people whatever she acquires a small amount of power. Given her recent nomination, this is no laughing matter.

  4. radical_Moderate says:

    The mass Republican delusion comparing rustic Sarah’s minute long “executive” Experience as opposed to Obama’s oft charged “inexperience” is amusing to behold. Obama at least has been in “training” for almost 3 years and clearly has a firm handle on economics and foreign policy. And Miss Wasilia? Well, how fortunate that as the Governor of a State with a large Oil revenue running a budget surplus big enough to send a check of $1200. to every Alaskan (no wonder she has a high favorable), she has never in her short time in office had to make a tough budget decision for her State…oh wait, there was the “Bridge to Nowhere” that she initally supported when she thought that the American Tax Payer would foot the bill, but she quickly pivoted on the issue when it became clear that Alaska would have to fund it themselves if they wanted it…yeah what a “reformer.”

    Her foreign policy experience is nil, yet her supporters in the GOP have ludicrously suggested otherwise…Alaska is, well, close to Russia. I’d laugh if I weren’t so stupified. Her supposed appeal to the Hillary women is…the right sexual organs evidently. That she is firmly anti-choice, and thinks that “Intelligent Design” is a viable enough theory to be taught in Public schools doesn’t appear to have impeded the PUMA folks from gushing. (Palin has hardly been “sisterly” in her comments about other women, she has now famously called Hillary’ a “whiner” for complaining about her media coverage in the Primary, and described Hillary’s comments as a “disservice to women,” and youtube has a clip of her giggling wildly as a talk radio host in Alaska described her female opponent as a “cancer” on the State, and also pointed out what a big fat ass the woman has.)

    To be fair, in the deluge of giddy Conservative pundits waxing lyrical about Annie Oakley (see that self righteous bloviator Bill Kristol’s recent comments) comes David “Axis of Evil” Frum’s pointed assessment that “Ms. Palin’s experience in government makes Barack Obama look like George C. Marshall.”

    For Democrats, Gov. Palin could either be “the gift that keeps on giving” (especially if the bizarre story about the true parentage of her son trig gains traction), or she could be a nightmare charm offensive for us: a intelligent (make no mistake, Palin is not stupid) MILF with an attractive yet quirky background and Red State values (snerk) that include killing animals large and small with an appetite for a good old american mooseburger, a motto of Drill, Drill, Drill, she apparently has also never met a gravel pit she didn’t like, and has the “comforting” message that “Global Warming” wasn’t caused by MAN (hooray we are off the hook!) And face it…Americans have never liked “eggheads” Adlai Stevenson was mocked as an egg-head and an elitist; “elitist” being Republican speak for Educated. Harvard educated Obama is an elitist precisely because he is intellectual. That McCain has been an economic elitist for most of his life matters not one wit to many Americans…McCain “seems” like one of us with his plain speak, and rah-rah jingoism. Besides, aren’t most Americans Aspirational millionaires? Remember that “winning” line of McCain’s speaking at Saddleback, “I want everyone to be Rich!”

    All this puts me in mind of a John McCain quote;
    “It’s not only what you do in politics, it is what you APPEAR to do.” Oh yes Senator it really is.

  5. jeanne says:

    Tinhorn general is precisely the term that was running through my mind when I read the Times story.

    The words “pathological narcissist” also keep running through my head. I was happy to hear Charlie Gibson use the word “hubris” in his interview, because that is what it takes for someone so inexperienced to even consider the ticket. Of course, McCain had to offer it to her, and what the hell that man was or wasn’t thinking, I don’t know.

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