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Just a little bit ago, tas delivered his marching orders.  These are solid, and if you specifically have a thing for research, cold calling, and knocking down doors, you need to go read and follow through with them.

Further, they aren’t very far off from my marching orders.

I wanted to write this post earlier today, but I was unfortunately and temporarily distracted.

I want everyone who reads this to just take a moment.  Last night this nation’s first African American candidate nominated by a major political party delivered his acceptance speech.  That isn’t what was historic.  What was historic was that, as the speech made plainly clear, he won that nomination not on the color of his skin, but on the content of his character, on that indiscriminate item that he is uniquely qualified to lead the United States of America as its president out of the dark that was the past eight years.

Over at The Moderate Voice, Damozel has a wonderful round up of blogger reactions to the speech.  But perhaps one of the more powerful reactions comes from Andrew Sullivan.  Whatever the case, I think it is safe to say that what we watched last night was profound.

So I want everyone to just take a moment.  I want you to stop and imagine what it will feel like on January 20th of next year when President Elect Barack Obama is sworn in by Bush’s Chief Justice and becomes President Barack Obama.  I want you to stop and imagine that feeling on election night when CNN, ABC, MSNBC, and most definitely FOX NEWS reports Senator Barack Obama is the projected winner of the 2008 presidential election.

I want you to take this moment and imagine the Bush administration from top to bottom clearing out its desks, grumbling at the fact that John McCain won’t be there to save their jobs.

I want you to take this moment to imagine a Democratic Attorney General whose first task is to thoroughly review the activities of the past eight years.

I want you to take this moment to imagine having an actual, honest to goodness, adult in the White House.

Get that feeling good and going, savor it.  Remember what it feels like, and remember how much you want it.

Now push it away, lock it up, and forget about it.  I want you to take the moment to grasp that feeling, because for the next two months, that feeling is everything.  If you want that feeling again.  If you want to live in a country not ran by mad dictators and warmongerers, you need to work for it.

Get that feeling, savor it, and put it away, because you don’t get it again, you don’t get it for real, until we all work to make it a reality.

That’s my marching orders to  you.  Now let’s go make this thing happen.

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