McCain Can’t Generate His Own Audience…

This is pretty pathetic.  Okay, you know what?  I’m a little tired of Republicans convincing Americans that up is down and getting away with it.  There’s nothing wrong with the fact that Obama generates more excitement than McCain, draws bigger crowds.  Nothing.

These men are running against each other to be a leader, it would make sense if they could, you know, lead people, and inspire people.  There should be no cause to have to apologize for being able to generate the kind of excitement that Obama does.

That’s bad enough.  What’s worse is that McCain is so hurting for attention that he’s now trying to bite off of Obama’s audience.  He knows he can’t get that much attention on his own, so now he’s trying to siphon it off of Obama, meanwhile, he just keeps going down that low road he’s been going down, now not even showing the courtesy that George W. Bush showed Kerry in 2004.

On a completely different note, apparently McCain doesn’t like getting questioned about his transformation into just another Rovian campaigner.  People say Obama has thin skin; I’m surprised McCain didn’t drop a POW bomb just for getting asked questions that weren’t exactly all that aggressive.

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  1. i liken the repubs to the rich on the titanic,
    they left the poor to die.

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