No Bounce Here, Nothing To See, Move Along

I’m going to come right out and say it; I’m pissed.  I’m highly pissed at all points left right and mainstream.  For the past few days I have been watching the convention, and then I have been reading and watching commentators, some of them IN DENVER, reporting on a convention that could only possibly be taking place in Mars!

A perfect example of this came as Mike and I were liveblogging Tuesday night.  Mike was watching the proceedings on MSNBC, and had mentioned that Keith Olbermann was going on about when were the Democrats going to start attacking McCain… WHILE GOVERNOR SCHWEITZER WAS ON STAGE BEATING THE STUFFING OUT OF JOHN MCCAIN!

I expect it from the right, I expect it out of the Mainstream Media, but I’m going to be honest here, I’m thoroughly disappointed with the namby pamby, hand wringing, navel gazing bullshit that has been coming from the left as well.  I’m not going to name names, I’m just going to say that everyone on the left, all the Democrats out there, cut the shit out.  If you want to be navel gazers, wait until after we’ve won the election, and then you can cry all you want about how the convention should have been more aggressive even if the only way it could have been is if we had Senator Kennedy burn John McCain in effigy as opposed to delivering the speech he did.

Finally, just in case you missed, because, you know, heavens forfend anyone should report it, if you want a bounce, here’s your fucking bounce.  Six point jump, and that is not taking into full consideration last night’s events, and of course tonight’s events.

At least I know I’m not alone, Steve M at No More Mister Nice Blog is at least watching the same convention I am.

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  1. Mark says:

    1. Awesome to see you’ve returned to semi-regular blogging (though I unfortunately assume this is just temporary during the convention).

    2. I started working on a post yesterday (before the latest polling came out) discussing how, contrary to popular belief, Obama’s numbers were declining because of his “move to the center” on foreign policy/civil liberties issues. I had some sparsely-discussed polling data that backed me up pretty strongly, even. (As an aside, why is it that the “centrist” position on foreign policy is a default position of interventionism abroad, while a default position of non-interventionism is considered the position only of the “extreme” right and “extreme” left? Doesn’t this get things exactly backwards?). What seems to have been happening the last several days, however – and maybe I’m wrong since my attention to the convention has been pretty minimal – is that Obama has been somewhat moving back to a more typically liberal position on foreign policy. Regardless, my theory stands – the MSM perception that Obama was faltering because he was perceived as “too liberal” was ridiculous given that, during that period of time, it was universally agreed that he was trying to appear more centrist.

    Personally, I would love to see the Obama of the early primaries return – the Obama that was pure liberal with respect to foreign policy and civil liberties, and relatively pro-market (by Dem standards). I would even consider switching my vote back to him if he did that. And so, I suspect, would a lot of other people who like me are neither liberals nor conservatives. And that’s my bigger point, which I’ve been banging on for awhile now: moving to the “center” is not good politics, despite conventional wisdom, because the “center” is a meaningless term that provides no description of what “moderates,” “independents,” or other free agent voters actually think. This isn’t to say that Obama should move to the “Left” on all issues to lock up the election. Instead, it is to say that politicians – at least on the national, massively publicized level – are more likely to win when they are sincere than they are to win when they pander or “move to the center.” Pandering doesn’t persuade many people to vote for you because, well, they just won’t trust that you’re telling the truth (and, besides, as we discussed awhile back, who wants to buy RC Cola when Coke already has the market cornered ? You’re better off being Dr. Pepper). It can, however, cost you the votes of people who already supported you because it undermines their trust of you. One thing people tend to be pretty good at doing is sniffing out insincerety; so a politician who gets a lot of press coverage is usually better off simply being sincere. Obama’s sincerety won him those early primaries over the candidate perceived as insincere, even though he was perceived at the time as the less liberal candidate in some respects; how things play out from here on will, I think, be a function of how well he and his campaign remember that lesson.

  2. Maxinr Montgomery says:

    How very slanted the news media – CNN – deliveres a message. Come on….John McCain and Darah Palin are straight talkers. How very refreshing to have McCain-Palin, fighters on the peoples side rather than BO/JjB, the joiners, go along with what is policaially in their best interest, good old boy, do noithing couple. The media is very one sided….shame shame!

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