Palin’s Lack of Experience Doesn’t Matter; Her Accomplishments Do

Isn’t this exactly the same point Republicans dismissed when made about Obama? (Emphasis mine.)

Palin has no experience in national office. Before becoming governor in December 2006, she served as a council member and mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, which had a population of slightly more than 5,000 during her time in office. Brad Blakeman, who ran the 1988 Republican convention for GOP nominee George H.W. Bush, turned the experience question on its head, suggesting accomplishments in office mean more than time accrued.

Here’s a governor who may have served two years, but her accomplishments are worth eight,” said Blakeman, citing Palin’s work as governor on ethics reform and an Alaska oil pipeline. “She’s got as much experience for being vice president as Barack does to be president.”

Odd choice of accomplishments, those. Palin is neck deep in hot water for abusing the power of her office by having her former brother-in-law fired — not exactly ethical. And Palin’s popularity among Alaskans has plummeted since the start of her governorship in part because she used public funds ($500 million) to subsidize a Canadian company’s effort to build a trans-Canada pipeline — which in addition to the tax hit on Alaskans, would provide jobs for Canadians at the expense of Alaskans.

But let’s set that aside for now. What’s truly odd about this touting of Palin’s accomplishments, as I said above, is that it was such a ridiculous way to judge readiness for high political office — when it was Barack Obama’s readiness that was being judged, by Republicans. And this, despite the fact that Obama has national experience and Palin has none.

5 Responses to “Palin’s Lack of Experience Doesn’t Matter; Her Accomplishments Do”

  1. Christopher says:

    I would rather see that McCain pick Palin then anyone else that the Liberal Media was suggesting, Palin fits what Americans are looking for. A sensible canidate who has strong family values and is smart and someone that they can relate too.

    When Obama choose Biden, Obama had to misrepresent Biden as a ‘scrappy kid’ in hopes that the average man would relate to the fantasy that Obama is trying to create.

    Palin lives the life of the everyday American, and is popular and successful while doing it. Palin has nothing to hide about the firing of her former brother-in-law, he was a scumbag that used tasers on his own kids, he deserved to be fired.

    Obama does not relate to the common man, Obama is trying to build a career for himself by using the Clintons as examples that he is also ready to lead. I would like to see Obama actually make a choice and stick to it, he is constantly flip-flopping at every turn.

  2. Jacoby Pugh says:

    you really thought that?

  3. Colorado Bob says:

    Ok, So what message do we get from a Governor who can’t even keep her daughter in check, and allows a man/boy to get in to the governor’s mansion to impregnate her daughter?

    Well, apparently the sanctity of life is the message, and how wonderful it is to have a daughter pregnant.

  4. Angela says:

    Colorado, are you saying that Palin is responsible for her daughter’s stupidity? One thing you must remember is parents can’t always control everything their kid does; and that would be true regarding any and all of them. Sure, she made a mistake, but that only makes her human.

  5. giebels says:

    if making mistakes is human
    this president is very…

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