Reuters: Iraq Parliament Delays Vote On Provincial Elections Law

The elusive magical success pony in Iraq just got scared away (again):

Iraqi parliamentarians failed on Sunday to pass a law on provincial elections, putting the date of important polls in doubt and leaving unresolved a political standoff that has stoked ethnic tensions.

After struggling for hours to reach a quorum, lawmakers indefinitely postponed a special session they had called to pass the law, which has come unstuck over plans for the disputed northern city of Kirkuk and angered minority Kurds.

The delay may mean the elections, originally planned for October 1, could be put off until next year. Electoral officials have said they need months to plan once the law is passed.

So much for all those defiant assertions about how us dirty fucking hippies simply must admit that teh surge is TOO working!

Related: More from Elizabeth Ferris of The Brookings Institution on Kirkuk, “the next ‘powder keg’ in Iraq” (PDF).

One Response to “Reuters: Iraq Parliament Delays Vote On Provincial Elections Law”

  1. Bryan says:

    Update: The vote has been scheduled for Tuesday (tomorrow). Maybe it happens, maybe it doesn’t–but it’s certainly a thin argument to maintain that delays in the provincial elections serve as some sort of demonstration that the Iraq War isn’t substantially won. In the U.S. we trashed our Constitution after winning independence from the British. It did not mean the end of the United States, nor did it mean that the War of Independence was lost.

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