Sarah Palin to Join McCain’s Ticket

I remember thinking to myself last night, in the wake of the buzz that was Obama’s speech, that the one thing that McCain could do to really turn the tables was pick a woman to join his ticket.  Therefore, when Pawlenty started getting some serious buzz swirling around him very late last night into early this morning, I was relieved.

Then the word comes out that it’s going to be Alaska’s governor, Sarah Palin.

And if John McCain had made this announcement five days ago, I think my worry would be well invested.  Before the Democratic convention, there really was a great deal of tension.  How far that tension went as far as truly reflecting Obama’s ability to consolidate party support, and support among key demographics, namely women, is arguable.

Given the ads that McCain launched just prior to the convention regarding Hillary Clinton’s candidacy, and his none too subtle attempts to stir up discord particularly among women, I think it’s reasonable to assume that McCain’s choice had everything to do with trying to capitalize off of the tensions that the Democratic primary formed.

It should be noted that this does not erase McCain’s poor history towards the treatment of women.  He still came home from Vietnam and cheated on the woman who stood by him because she got into a car accident, got too old, and too overweight.  He still voted against the Ledbetter legislation.  He still called his wife a (I can’t say the word.  As free as I am with swear words I can’t say that word, but I’m going to guess that you already know which word I’m referring to).  He still made a hard push to the right to deny a woman her right to choose, and he still swears to install more justices like Scalia and Alito.

But despite all of that, while I think that had McCain made this announcement before the convention, it would have landed a serious blow to the Obama campaign, things are a little different now.  After Hillary Clinton gave her explicit endorsement, and then nominated Barack Obama by acclamation; after Bill Clinton gave his stirring, full throated support to the Democratic nominee; and after Obama himself delivered an address that many in the mainstream press as well as the blogosphere are calling as close to perfect as it gets, there has been quite a bit of healing within the party.

It’s true that there are still the PUMAs to think about, but they were going to vote for McCain anyway.  In other words, if McCain is going for the disaffected Democratic women vote, I don’t think that Palin as a pick is going to get him much more than he was going to get anyway.

Beyond that, there are a few other things to consider.  For one, Palin is young, which may be a signal to voters that McCain is recognizing his own age, and trying to compensate for that with someone who is three years junior to the Democratic candidate.  Not only does this place emphasis on McCain’s age, and not in a necessarily good light, but it also puts emphasis on the fact that Palin is going to need to be vetted stringently by the public.  Things like the investigation to have a former brother-in-law fired are going to warrant a second and third look, as well as whether or not she is going to have the credentials to occupy that office that sits a heartbeat away from oval office.

Biden has the experience, and Obama has proven time and time again that his lack of experience is tempered by uncommon judgement.  Is Palin going to be able to debate either of these candidates competently in regards to foreign affairs?  Her executive experience in Alaska, a notably low population state, may give her a little bit of training on how to run an executive branch, but nothing on the order of even Los Angeles or New York, forget the White House.   But aside from that, the foreign policy experience of an Alaskan governor I’m going to guess doesn’t even rise to that of a junior US Senator.

Unfortunately for McCain, he doesn’t even really get to cash in that much credit for the historic value of a female vice presidential candidate, that seal having been broken long ago by Democrats.

That’s not to say that Palin’s selection doesn’t bring with it some challenges.  The most notable in my mind is pairing her off with Joe Biden.  Biden, and his predilection towards sometimes saying the unseemly, will have to exhibit extraordinary discipline.  In fact, both Democratic candidates will have to be exceptionally mindful to not even come close to appearing misogynist.  But at the risk of sounding misogynist myself, I think the wise move politially would be to deploy Senator Hillary Clinton as chief attack surrogate against Palin as opposed to Biden.  Hillary Clinton will not be scrutinized nearly as much in this regard, and I believe will enjoy broader latitude.

But beyond that, I’m not overly concerned about Palin’s selection.

She doesn’t bring a significant electoral gift with her to the table.  She’s vehemently pro-life, indicating that for a woman she’s not exactly got a stirring record on women’s rights anyway, and she’s the one candidate left in this race with less experience than Obama.  Yeah, a week ago this might have been a smart pick, but at this point, especially on the day after Obama ended what is widely seen as a pitch perfect slam dunk of a convention, there’s really just not that much to get worked up over.

14 Responses to “Sarah Palin to Join McCain’s Ticket”

  1. terry says:

    You know what the democrats should do….totally ignore her. Just talk about McCain and not say anything about her, her inexperience, her stances on the issues, nothing.

    Let them sink their own ship trying to prove that she could somehow be ready to be President if anything happened to McCain.

    And honestly, how old is he going to look standing next to her for the next 2 months?

  2. Bobby Ewing says:

    You have to admit that Sarah Palin is pretty hot (remember she was in the Ms. Alaska Pageant) and MUCH BETTER on the eyes than Joe Biden. Oh and wait until you see the bikini pics!!! NOT BAD for a mother of 5.

  3. Sorry Bob, I just can’t force myself to be attracted to Republican women.


    No kidding. You know what really thrilled me was a very dear friend who was bordering on PUMA status, today when I saw her she was blasting McCain over this pick.


    McCain was trying to pull the biggest ratfuck of them all, and landed squarely in epic fail land.

  4. terry says:

    Yep, I’ve been reading a lot of comments like that on the blogs, women who may have been leaning towards McCain are not happy that he picked someone unknown with no experience. Some are saying it is a slap in the face to women.

  5. Angellight says:

    McCain’s pick of Palin, a woman with very little executive experience, a woman who has approved a 26 billion dollar oil pipeline to Canada instead of the United States shows that McCain’s decision was made from an adlolescent place of “I’ll show you mentallity” instead of one of wisdom and judgment and will be a disaster because this is not a game but serious, deadly business! Maybe McCain really is senile and confused and incapable of making sound judgments. This woman will be a heartbeat away from being in charge of the highest office in the land. If she was Qualified, that would be different but she is not and that is the bottom line. Not to mention that his argument that Barack has no experience And Is not Ready is out the door, his strongest argument against Barack.

    Is this decision Historic or Hysterical or a mockery to our political system? A game changer or a roll of the dice? And should a Presidential candidate play russian roulette with the people’s business? It is sort of sad to me personally, that McCain with all the problems we face here, did not have the People’s interest at heart but rather a desire to win for winning’s sake and did not think of the consequences of his actions and what it would mean for this country if she had to be sworn in as President of the United States!

    However, in this evil ploy to pull Hillary women from Barack with no consideration as to whether or not this woman has the ability and experience to lead the United States here and on a world scale shows a very adolescent way of thinking, and a lack of sound judgment and as McCain’s first executive decision, a disaster! Through this pick, McCain has just shown that he is NOT READY TO LEAD, and it also proves that he is not really serious about solving America’s problems!

  6. Well said, Angel. Well said.

  7. mark says:

    leave her alone yall snarpy people

  8. Dude… do it… for me, please????

    Come on, you know….


  9. AlaskaVoter says:

    She entered the stage, so to suggest that we leave her “alone” instead of vetting her thoroughly is ludicrous. So we should put on kid gloves just because she’s a woman or a “babe”? Forget it.

    McCain was patronizing to her during her speech, telling her when to start and “Take your time.” He looked so awkward as she spoke, like he’s not sure what to do with a woman getting the spotlight. And we think she’ll be a true partner to him? Ha.

    She delivered well for someone with so little experience. However, her first pledge was to the people of Alaska and she has abandoned her constituents to serve her own interests. So forget all her talk about putting people first.

    Considering that her Lieutenant Gov is also running for national office, where is she leaving Alaskans over the next two months, and for that matter, even longer if she gains office?

    She’s a great pick for shaking up Alaskan politics, but let her earn her cred here for a few more years. Then we’ll see if she can really lead on a national level.

    Breaking the glass ceiling is only historic when the person who breaks it is competent for the position. Otherwise it just gives nay-sayers an opportunity to say “I told you so” in terms of women as leaders. Peter Principle can be applied to women as well, after all.

    I should be happy about this choice since it clearly shows McCain’s lack of judgment and voters should take note. However, I don’t have faith that people are thinker-voters — many are feeler-voters and Palin might make them misty-eyed enough to vote simply on the basis of her demographic conveniences.

  10. Well, you can feel a little better, Alaskan. I have nothing but anecdotal, but it seems that a lot of women are really pissed off that McCain went with someone with so little experience. He threw a hail mary, and it’s looking like an interception.

  11. saved says:

    McCann is a old fool. We will not vote for this women! How dare her talk about shattering the 18M cracks – she didn’t put a one there. Sorry McCann nice try. We wanted Hillary and I will never vote for you now.

  12. SING IT!

    She actually used 18 million cracks? Did she REALLY say that?

  13. Parah Stalin says:

    oh yeah, she’s hotter than joe biden.. and hotter than hillary, but at Palin’s age, she’s already got some of hillary’s puffy cheeks. her neck is bizarrely thin. haven’t seen enough of her bod to “judge” that.
    most of those pics are airbrushed to death.. plus always wallops of makeup. this is prolly the best shot:

    prolly still recovering from pregnancy?

    arms are puffing out…(warning: huge slow file:)

    hmm, also rather homely in that b&w 70’s shot.

    but really, she’s done better than average for mid-40’s, after 5 birthings.

    anyway, this hardly matters beyond amusement…

    what matters is that she’s a repug, so she’s a criminal. (unless she’s actually a worm 🙂 )

  14. gina karwel says:

    Dan Quayle in high heels


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