The Attack Women of the Democratic Party UPDATE I

Well, for any of you who thought that the Democratic convention was in danger of turning into a Kerry-esque lovefest, I think it was just made clear about a half hour ago that would not be the case.  Interestingly enough, it was Janet Napolitano who was leading the charge.

I was listening to NPR on my way home just as the governor of Arizona took the stage, and I gotta tell ya, she absolutely killed.  You can read the full transcript here, but the money bits are below.

Arizonans are also proud of their political tradition, from Barry Goldwater to Mo Udall to Bruce Babbitt. There’s a pattern here. Barry Goldwater ran for president and he lost. Mo Udall ran for president. He lost. Bruce Babbitt ran for president. And he lost. Speaking for myself, and for at least this coming election, this is one Arizona tradition I’d like to see continue!

That was a nice little shot, but what really had me pumping my fist in my car was what followed immediately after:

Now, just as I am proud of Arizona, I like to be positive about my fellow Arizonans. So I wanted to say something positive about Senator McCain. When I heard him say the economy is not an issue he understands as well as he should, my problem was solved. Because I can say to you tonight, positively, that John McCain is right. He doesn’t understand the economy as well as he should. And he doesn’t understand how the policies he has supported and wants to perpetuate have so terribly misfired.

And from that moment on it was game time.  Then, afterwards Amy Klobuchar was interviewed, and she was specifically asked about PUMAs and her answer was blunt; the women of the Senate were united behind Obama, and the PUMAs simply can’t afford a McCain administration.

Meet the Attack Women of the Democratic Party.

Also, NPR was dropping lines from Obama on the stump as he makes his way to the convention, and it’s believed that some of the rhetoric he’s dropping on the stump right now is merely a preview of what to expect thursday night.

Over the past eight years  you have lost your health care.

Over the past eight years you have had your home plummet in value.

Over the past eight years you have been made less afe.

And John McCain isn’t promising to change any of that.*

People are worrying about the tone of this convention.  I think the tone will shape up just right.

*These lines are paraphrased due to lack of transcript and the fact that this was something I heard on the radio about forty five minutes ago.


UPDATE I: Kathleen Sebelius is up now, and she’s digging in too. Favorite line.

“You know the girl from Kansas who said, ‘there’s no place like home.’ For John McCain it’s more like, ‘there’s no place like home, and home, and home, and home.'”


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