The Media Laps Up McCain’s Lies and Distortions and Begs for More

Scarecrow at Firedoglake has a fine piece about how the national media is allowing John McCain to get away with double talk and lies on the surge:

McCain’s intellectual slight of hand has two parts. The first, which only a few in the media see, is that McCain wants the clock for measuring Iraq “judgment” to begin in late 2006 – early 2007, when he advocated inserting tens of thousands more troops into Iraq. He’s free to claim that additional troops helped pacify parts of Iraq; others argue that the more important factors were al-Sadr’s decision to stand down, the pre-surge Sunni “Awakening,” the fact that ethnic cleansing was completed and other causes. But McCain cannot honestly argue that his original bad judgment in identifying Iraq as connected to 9/11 and his belligerent, fact-free advocacy of starting wars with Iraq, Syria and Iran in the weeks and months after 9/11, were not signs of extremely poor judgment; these shoot from the hip, hot-headed reactions should be disqualifying.

Second, McCain always discusses the Iraq surge in isolation, as though it had no consequences for other US strategic interests. He justifies this policy-by-blinders approach by arguing that because al Qaeda wanted the US bogged down in Iraq — and thus declared Iraq important — that Iraq was thus the central front on the “war on terror.” Aside from the illogic of allowing your enemy to define your battle space, every US intelligence report in recent years has said, as Obama has said and repeated to the VFW, that the core problem is in Afghanistan/Pakistan.

McCain’s narrow Iraq focus had consequences, huge consequences, and they have been blaring in the headlines for months (in Afghanistan and Pakistan) and weeks (in Georgia). Because of people like McCain, the US has been bogged down in the wrong country, fighting the wrong war and making it impossible for the US to respond effectively anywhere else.

That TPM piece Scarecrow mentions (actually written by Greg Sargent, not Josh Marshall) is also worth reading. Here is a snip:

This bears repeating a thousand times: The national press is basically giving McCain a pass on the McCain campaign’s double-talk about Obama’s patriotism. McCain, after all, has repeatedly said that Obama would rather lose a war than lose a campaign. McCain also said — just this week, in fact — that Obama’s desire to lose in Iraq was driven entirely by “ambition.”

And finally, the McCain campaign sent out to reporters those remarks by Joe Lieberman, in which Lieberman said Obama hasn’t always put his country first. That constitutes an official campaign endorsement of Lieberman’s assertion.

These facts deserve to be mentioned in every story about McCain’s remarks today. But they will get scattered mention, if that.

In addition to the fact that McCain isn’t being held accountable for these glaring inconsistencies in his own claims, he’s also getting a pass on the assertions of his own surrogates from the very same press corps that aggressively held the Dem candidates accountable for every syllable that came out of their surrogates’ mouths during the Dem primary.

2 Responses to “The Media Laps Up McCain’s Lies and Distortions and Begs for More”

  1. Chief says:

    Yes, and McCain’s TV ad talks about Washington being broken. As if being in Congreess for 27 or so years and he hasn’t had a thing to do with the “broken” part.

  2. Helen Hill /Rancho Palos Verdes, Ca says:

    Obama would rather lose a war than lose a campaign: This is clearly shown by OB’s speech on youtube where he says he is going to dismantle the missile defense shield which he says hasn’t been proven that it works. WELLLLLLL….if it doesn’t, then what shot down the satellite that threatening to come back into the US?

    AND….if it doesn’t work, then why is Poland rushing to have us set it up in Poland?

    Obama hasn’t always put his country first: Look at his statements these past few months – “The economy is in shambles!” Then what does he propose? $845 BILLION dollars over 13 years to fight poverty in the third world ON TOP OF THE 18 BILLION we already give! His judgment, his lack of knowledge about the economy and the STUPIDITY in taxing Americans who already give BILLIONS to countires overseas while we are hurting NOW, shows he is NOT ready to be POTUS and CIC!! IF he put his country first, we would keep that money HOME in the US!!

    your comments about MCC shooting from the hip and wanting war is as stupid as you saying Bush lied about 9/11 when I have comments in 1998 from Bill Clinton, Madeline Albright, nd Sandy Berger talking about the WMD’s in Iraq!! A man who was tortured for 5 years is the LAST person to want to go to war! However, he had much more knowledge than Obama about military matters. In fact OB has changed his position on Iraq so many times it makes my head swim!


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