The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming!

I wasn’t able to absorb too much of the Georgia-Russia debacle, because it happened during My Week From Hell — but I have gathered from glancing at some of the coverage on right-wing blogs that The Cold War Is Back!, and the air in neocon quarters is so thick with excitement you could cut it with a knife.

You know things are bad when Pat Buchanan is a voice of sanity:

Eight years ago I would not have believed that I would ever think Pat Buchanan could be a voice of sanity. But as neocons like Robert Kagan can hardly contain their enthusiasm when they see an opportunity to fire up the cold war again it is Buchanan who comes across as sane. Now the neocons never did like the “War on Terror”. Their attempts to turn it into a “real” war have for the most part been dismal failures. Over at Pat Buchanan describes how hypocritical the neocon’s outrage over Russia’s response to Saakashvili’s blunder really is.

I read Kagan’s piece in its turgid, pedantic, ahistorical entirety (do I get a gold star?). Rarely have I seen a neocon use the word “liberal” as a term of praise as many times as Kagan does in this piece: “liberal forces,” “liberal era,” “liberal democracies,” “liberal democratic international order” — although, in truth, the United States is the most conservative of all Western democracies, as this chart at The Political Compass rather stunningly shows.

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