The Storm of the Century

It’s unbelievable that New Orleans might have to go through worse than Hurricane Katrina, when the city still is in a state of devastation from that nightmare three years ago (thanks to the Bush administration):

The mayor, C. Ray Nagin, said Hurricane Gustav was larger and more dangerous than Hurricane Katrina, and he pleaded with residents to get out or face flooding and life-threatening winds.

“This is the mother of all storms, and I’m not sure we’ve seen anything like it,” Mr. Nagin said at an evening news briefing. “This is the real deal. This is not a test. For everyone thinking they can ride this storm out, I have news for you: that will be one of the biggest mistakes you can make in your life.”

The mayor’s warnings were considerably more dramatic than the forecasts issued by the National Hurricane Center, and he may have been exaggerating in order to shock jaded residents into taking prudent steps. But he said storm surges, particularly on the city’s West Bank, could be twice as high as the neighborhood’s 10-foot levees, and said those people choosing to remain in their homes should have an ax to chop through their roofs when the floodwaters rise.

Meanwhile, Pres. Bush wants to “make up” for not being ready in 2005 — two months before a new president is elected:

Bush administration officials took pains not to be caught as flatfooted as they were in Hurricane Katrina, announcing that President Bush had called governors in the region to assure them of assistance and that top federal emergency officials were in the region to guide the response.

The last paragraph of the article just tore at my heart:

Michelle Barnes, a French Quarter resident, was nearly in tears, worried that she would not be allowed on the bus with her little dog, Jack, who was resting in a black canvas bag. Evacuees had been instructed to keep their pets in a carrying case, but Ms. Barnes did not have one. “I just hope,” Ms. Barnes said, “because otherwise I won’t leave.”

I wouldn’t, either.

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  1. tas says:

    Nagin could be right, too. For all its strength, Katrina made landfall as “only” a category 3 hurricane and, technically speaking, it actually missed New Orleans because Katrina’s eye never went over the city. If Gustav scores a direct hit at a category 4 or 5 storm, though…

  2. Kathy says:

    It’s horrifying to think of. Those poor New Orleanians.

  3. Chief says:

    Depending on the amount of destruction and that this is the second storm to hit NO in 3 years . . .

    In 1993 the mississippi had massive flooding, especially just south of St Louis. At that time the U.S. government came up with and funded a program they named “The Inagah Project” (Inagah is a native American word) where the government bought out people that lived in the flood plain, south of St. Louis and north of Cairo, IL.

    Depending . . . Could that happen to NO and those places below sea level?

  4. DERRICK says:

    AH THE POOR NEW ORLEANS MY ASS. They wouldnt be crying for help help help if they would have gotten the hell out out out! And then robbed everyone blind. IF you were stealing food to feed your family thats fine. But lets face it there were cops on live tv stealing tvs. There is no sympathy for that. And as far as kathy if you woulnd leave its your own ass if you got blown away maybe you should have had the pet supplies if you were going to have a pet. And why in the hell is everyone blaming everthing on Bush? Doesnt anyone in the country know how the government works. He makes no one dicision by hiself. This whole damn country is screwed up.

  5. Chief says:

    DERRICK, DERRICK, whoa, calm down, relax. You sound as if you are wound a little too tight.


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