What’s Fox Trying To Say?

So here’s the deal. I sometimes get bored and type random stuff into the url box of my browser. Usually these random attempts are the byproduct of whatever has caught my attention recently. For instance, if I’m bored at work, I’ll type something like, “imsofuckingbored.com”

Nine times out of ten I usually get redirected either to some random search engine asking me to refine my search, or one of those dummy sites that are really just not so cleverly disguised search engines trying to capitalize off of chronic url guessers like me.

But every once in a while you get a ringer. Now, I won’t go into what train of thought led me to this, but go ahead and give this a try:


2 Responses to “What’s Fox Trying To Say?”

  1. tas says:

    I just checked the URL to see who owns it.. Registered by a Canadian.

  2. Michael says:

    That may be the most appropriate URL to date.

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