Who is the Mother of Trig Paxon Van Palin?

See Update below.

If it’s Sarah Palin, why is she distinctly not pregnant in a photograph which was apparently taken on Super Tuesday, which is in February, when, as Jazz Shaw points out, Palin would have been about six months along in her pregnancy?

Keep in mind, before we wind up the Friday night activities in Blogistan, that this is still only ten hours after the announcement of Sarah Palin as John McCain’s VP announcement caught so many of us flat-footed. In ten hours, though, the hits keep on coming. Let’s take a quick look at a few more.

The first one, and possibly the most tawdry of the bunch, came via several e-mails which arrived after the announcement here at Jazz Headquarters. Check out this picture of Sarah Palin from Super Tuesday this year.

It’s a nice shot, but according to at least once source it was taken on Super Tuesday. That’s in February. At that point, Palin should have been six months pregnant with her last child. It does make me wonder if the following will turn into a story.

…the oldest girl is rumored to have actually been the one who had the last baby, the one with Down’s Syndrome. She was taken out of school the last 4 or 5 months of her mother’s pregnancy.

On March 5th, 2008 Alaska’s Republican Governor, Sarah Palin, announced to the media that she was 7 months pregnant with her 5th child. She is currently 44.

Palin’s daughter Bristol is 16 and attends an Anchorage high school. Students who have attended class with her report that she has been out of school for months, claiming a prolonged case of mono.

Palin does not appear pregnant in any recent photographs. The announcement came as quite a shock to people who had worked closely with her, and have been quoted as saying that she did not appear pregnant whatsoever during the prior 7 months. While this is debatable, you can judge for yourself here: http://gov.state.ak.us/photos.php

(Ed Note: That link has since died since we first looked at it. The pictures were removed today.)

IF there is anything to this story, there are two issues as I see them. First, and most obvious, is the honesty issue. Why would Palin have lied about who the mother was? Which leads to the second issue: If Bristol Palin IS the mother, how does she feel about all this? If the story is true, and Sarah Palin lied to spare her daughter embarrassment or emotional pain, what does that say about how Bristol Palin felt about the pregnancy itself?

The fact that the photographs of Sarah Palin at a time when she would have appeared to be pregnant, if she really was, were taken down and the link killed, is a little odd if there’s nothing to the story.

UPDATE: Blogtopia is starting to pick up on this story. I’ll keep checking Memeorandum to see how the discussion goes.

UPDATE #2: Obama’s official response.

131 Responses to “Who is the Mother of Trig Paxon Van Palin?”

  1. CindyPDX says:

    I also meant to add this link to my last post:

    “Palin On Abortion: I’d Oppose Even If My Own Daughter Was Raped”

    With that kind of woman, I doubt her 17 yr old daughter, Bristol really had a choice in this matter of her pregnancy.

    No McCain, No Failin’ Palin, No Way, NO HOW!

  2. dematards says:

    Why are democrats, or the left, always wrong? Could it be all the kool-aid they have drank over the years. Folks, the baby is Mrs. Palins, and yes Hillary is a lesbian.
    Now get over it.

  3. Ms.D says:

    Okay, maybe we’re all scum to even question ANYTHING the right wing does, but we’d all have to be imbeciles not to question why Ms. Palin looks very UN-pregnant in this photo taken on March 14, 2008:

    And OH-SO-VERY pregnant in this photo taken a mere FIVE days later on March 19, 2008


    Here’s a bigger shot of that first one in case the paper scrubs the image above:


    Now let’s be clear, some folks think this is a purely personal matter–if the governnor was covering for her teenaged daughter, who can blame her for trying to protect her young daughter from embarrassment and public scrutiny. Fair enough. But what about insurance fraud? Is it ok to expect the taxpayers to pay for her illegitimate grandson’s health care when MS “family values” herself is willing to let the rest of the bastards in America struggle on their own for health care?

    Come on. Let’s be honest here. We have a right to know what this is all about and why these facts don’t add up. The governor is now trying to tell us Bristol is pregnant –FIVE months pregnant which would seem to preclude the possibility that she could be Trig’s mom. Well, it’s for certain Bristol does indeed look pregnant as this photo shows:


    Or she could simply be post-partum…at any rate, things don’t add up and there are lots of questions we should be asking. Asking the questions is not the same as attacking. These questions need to be asked and answered and it’s our job as citizens to move forward in this process since the press probably won’t do it until we get most of the work done for them.

    So maybe Bristol is Trig’s mom, or maybe not. Let’s keep asking the questions and sharing information. Let’s find out. Getting answers is not the same as attacking.

  4. Joe says:

    Has anyone else noticed that Bristol does not look 5 months pregnant but more like 2 or 2 1/2! I mean come on, did anyone look at her when she stood on stage with her mom last week and say – “hey – she looks to be about 5 months pregnant!” – No! I think them stating that she is 5 months along is an attempt to cover up her being Trig’s mom.

  5. Joe says:

    Bristol is not pregnant. This is an attempt to cover up Bristol being Trig’s mom. If she were 5 months pregnant they there could be no way for her to be Trig’s mom. In a few weeks they will say that Bristol mis-carried. This pregnancy story is just a cover-up for the real story!

  6. Joe says:

    a decision tree outlining Sarah Palin’s reasoning capabilities – pretty funny!


  7. diane finlayson says:

    any woman should know that leaking amniotic fluid is an obstetrical emergency. First of all
    it means that the baby is more prone to infection. Also she must have had the dumbest doctor in american history-in the medical world hardly anyone chooses that specialty because of the plethora of lawsuits. I can not image any serious doctor giving his/her permission for a pregnant
    woman leaking amniotic fluid to fly; rather he/she should have demanded she stay put, called the airline(how about the safety and comfort of the other passengers) and told them that her BABY was at risk. and to grow up.

  8. Here is a link to the Google doc of the MySpace page that is now set to private –
    photos. Scroll down—they are there.

  9. Stan says:

    Clear the thing up with a three lettter test on f our people DNA now its up to Sarah.

  10. Kathy says:

    By Googling “Palin Birth Announcement” you will find an article referencing birth of Gov. Palin’s baby on Arpil 18, 2008 — info provided by her spokesperson. Also, it is stated that the baby, Trig was born at Mat-Su Regional Medical Center. According to Google Maps, there is only one such facility in Palmer, Alaska. And according to their online birth announcements, there is no listing displayed for Trig or any baby with last name Palin. Only 2 other births that day. So? — I’m sure there is a logical explanation, … they forgot to post it? The spokesperson had the wrong hospital? Cover-up? OR maybe hoping “Leftist bloggers” will fall for stepping in it, at risk of looking dirty for asking? I still think its too strange not to ask — why Trig’s birth isn’t listed at Mat-Su Birith Announcemnt page.

  11. John Ryskamp says:

    You’re still not connecting the dots. Trig is Bristol’s kid all right, but Todd is the father.

  12. PickMick says:

    If you do a search for newsweek, palin march 2008, you can find a bunch of interview videos Palin did. She doesn’t look pregnant at all, legs are crossed and leaning forward. I think this rabbit goes even deeper..

  13. Kris says:

    Bristol does indeed look about five months pregnant, not 2 to 2 1/2 as someone above suggested. As a person who has actually been pregnant and delivered a baby in the past, I can say that until month four I didn’t gain a single pound, and I didn’t look visibly pregnant until the last trimester.

    I can’t see how so many people have the gall to make these assertions without any facts to back them up.

  14. mike says:

    Although rare, It is quite possible for a woman to become pregnant immediately after giving birth. This would make Bristol four months pregnant if Trig is her child.

  15. Jim says:

    I definitely thinks this needs to be investigated. I feel like there’s a concerted effort by the press to cover this up. Lack of experience and sorority girl backwoods religious fanatic mindset aside, this is a huge issue and someone needs to cough up pictures. I want to see pictures of Sarah pregnant. I’m sure a good investigative journalist could take a trip to Wasilla and uncover this. There’s gotta be pics of a pregnant Bristol somewhere.

  16. Bob says:

    Perhapss Trig is Track’s kid this is why he bailed right after conception for “private reasons” and was afraid his secret was out when Mom called him to tell him about the nomination “will I have to crawl into a hole”

  17. Jennifer says:

    Is Trig being breast fed or formula fed? That could be the answer to the “Mommy” question. Bristol sure looks like she could be breast feeding a baby right now.

  18. LEAH says:

    Disgusting and embarrassing to flaunt pregnant teenage daughter AND presumed father of the unborn child plus the more than possible fact that the same two are the mother and father of 4 month old Trig. Great example for all teenagers , as long as they are white,rich and in the public eye..
    Agree with Jennifer : Bristol looks as tho she could be/should be breast feeding and with the comment regarding the EASY ability to become pregnant again soon after giving birth…

  19. HappyM says:

    I thought liberals were supposed to be soooo compassionate. How about a little compassion for Sarah and Bristol. If you knew what life is like in Alaska you would understand why Sarah had to say that Trig was her baby. Okay, so it’s coming out now that she’s been chosen to be the Vice President but have a little heart for pete’s sake. Wouldn’t you have tried to protect your daughter if you were in her place? Sarah has been a damn good governor for us and she’ll be just as good a Vice President, and hopefully President, for the U.S. Just because Bristol was tempted by Satan doesn’t mean that Sarah didn’t offer the proper teachings of the Bible to her daughter. We are all sinners and, as Jesus said, let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Good bless Sarah and Bristol and God bless America.

  20. diane finlayson says:

    i would like to know how sarah palin sat on that plane while leaking fluid from her womb without it getting very messy. Did she get an astronaut diaper for the plane ride home?

  21. trigonometry palin says:

    TP: Your comment has been deleted. Lord knows, we are hardly shy about dissing politicians we dislike here, and we’re certainly not prudes, but there is simply no call for what you wrote.

    — DrGail

  22. da truuf says:

    Wrong buddy Bristol is the mom alright and Todd palin is the dad! It makes more since for the need of such a cover up! You know the Palins dont believe in abortion in the case of rape or incest! Sarah is Country First not Family first! Actualy she is Family/Career first!!! Protect the Husband from Jail Time Protect her daughter from embarrasment, and most importantly protect herself, her career, and cover the fact that Bristol has been acting as mom, and wife, while Sarah has been putting Career First!

  23. Jennie says:

    I think she looks totally pregnant, and like said above, just because this was released on a particular day, it most likely was filmed and edited over a period of weeks. She mentions in this podshow that she runs. Even for a mom of 4, she clearly was and is in good shape prior to the Trig pregnancy. I’m short and still could wear relatively normal clothes up until the 7th month. She looks thicker along her back waste area, seems to be walking like she has a “bump” in the front and has that jacket that is hanging looser on her.

  24. ECP says:

    This is such a difficult topic to discuss. On the one hand how brutally cold blooded to condem or question the mother of a handicapped child. On the other hand there are some very strange circumstances surrounding the birth of this child.
    Lets look at the facts so far. Her daughter is mysteriously removed from school for 5 months. And almost all pictures prebaby show the daughter to be glowing, and sporting the baby bump. She claims to have been pregnant but only at 7mos did she reveal this to her closest staffers. There is yet to be one person who has come forward to say she even looked pregnant. In most pictures available she appears to not be even a little pregnant. No swollen hands feet or face. Now being a man I cannot say what it feels like to be pregnant but watching my wife carry all three of my angles to term I can say what it looks like. In the one picture that she appears to be 8 or 9 mos the size of her stomach is just absurd. From not showing to appearing to be carrying triplets. Again looking at her feet, hands and face there is ZERO indication other than the pillow in her clothes that she is pregnant. Then lets look at the facts surrounding the birth. At the time of her water breaking she was in TX. A 12 hr flight to Alaska and the flight attendant also commented that she did NOT appear pregnant. Ok lets look closely at this. In the picture making the rounds on the internet she is VERY pregnant. Now ready to give birth the flight attentdant cannot tell? I for one am not buying it. Ok lets keep going. This child is known to be a down syndrome child long before birth. These births are not routine. There are several areas of concern including problems with the childs heart at birth. But this super mom throws all of this out the window and makes the trip to Alaska. In routine births the doctors are very clear once your fluid begins to leak you are to get to a hospital fast. The chance of infection or complications rises by the minute as you are now exposing the fetus to a host of possible issues. Yet she is traveling like there is no problem or worry. I”M NOT BUYING THIS. So now we come to what does this have to do with our country and this election….my pleasure…

    1. LIES ….My fellow Americans have you not had enough lies from the 8yrs of Bush? Lied into a war, CIA agents exposed and lies to cover it up. An Atty. General who told so many lies his defense in almost every inquiry is “I dont remember”. If she is lying about this she will lie about other things. Plain and simple she cannot be trusted. This is NOT who I want running my country.

    2. JUDGEMENT…. the protection of her teenage daughter is to be commended. But the decision to hide the pregnancy over rejoicing at the birth of a miracle shows poor judgement at best. The lack of judgement being shown here is just a small example of what we could expect from future decisions.

    3. COVERUP….. once again the Republican party is involved in a scandalous coverup. I want to see how far they are willing to take this.

    ITS OUR COUNTRY stand up brothes and sisters lets take it back.

    on a side note I could care less about her stupid kids and lifestyle. But if your kids are OFF LIMITS quit parading them on stage like props. By the way if this was Obama’s teenage pregnant daughter can we just STOP pretending how compassionate and considerate the Republican Right would be towards Barack and Michelle. Thank God it was Palin and not Michelle who has to deal with this disaster.

    I apologize for spelling errors but Im typing, helping my 9yr with homework and feeding my 18mo old son. AND I work 10 hrs a day. This Dad says GOOOO Obama !

  25. april says:

    I personally think Brisol looks way more than 5 months pregnant now. Of course, subsequent pregnancies show earlier. And she does look pregnant in those old photos. But maybe she is just naturally plump. I think it is possible that Trig is adopted and maybe Track is the father, but…

    Either way, I personally think the family seems very interesting and “cool”, despite the fact that we greatly differ on religion, gay rights, “creationism”, etc….BUT I think people who are making an issue out of her religious ties are just as wrong as people who are making an issue about Obama’s Musilm ties and his own radically racist chuch.

    I do hope eventually the truth about this comes out, though.

  26. mike says:

    I am not a conspiracy nut. I don’t have a vendetta against Sarah Palin, or John McCain (however in full disclosure I am supporting Obama). I don’t share any moral platform with the outcries of “family values” on either side of this particular debate. I don’t really care who the parents of Trig Palin are. This being said, I can’t completely explain my obsession with the short lived / redacted life of this story as it broke over the internet over the last few days.

    While I have no moral stake in this baby claim, I do feel these questions you have raised have not been adequately addressed by the McCain campaign (or the media for that matter) and represent a severe “ethical” dilemma in which the personal situations of our leaders takes precedence over the common good through lies, manipulation and abuse of power.

    For these reasons I would like to share with you some information I have uncovered below regarding the “birth announcement” of Trig Palin. Sarah Palin was said to have delivered baby Trig at the Mat Su Regional Hospital, which in turn has no on line record of Trig Palin for the date of April 18th, 2008. There are two simple explanations for this; either the hospital administrators deliberately omitted this information from their online record, or, the baby was never delivered at Mat Su Regional.

    There was however a baby delivered to parents “Amber” and “Levi” on April 18th at Alaska Regional Hospital (see links below), a mere 45 min. drive from Wasilla.

    scroll down to the link on April 18th, 2008


    Here is another AP link to Trig Palin with his grandparents……


    Striking resemblance? ……. I’ll let you be the judge…

    While I recognize that this is a bit of a stretch and that ‘some of the names may have changed to protect the innocent’; it doesn’t seem any more far fetched than the “facts” which have emerged from the McCain campaign. How do we know Bristol Palin is 5 months pregnant instead of 5 months post partum? Because the McCain campaign told us so. To date no one has produced a single piece of compelling evidence to put this story to rest. If the initial story was untrue, all the McCain campaign would have had to produce is a single photo of Sarah Palin and her family celebrating the birth of their newest child in the delivery room (not during mind you….) or in the recovery ward. Surely, there is family documentation of this special event…. If she is so content to wear her motherhood on her sleeve, than why shy away from sharing a photo from an innocent moment that every family could relate to.

    Would it not have been so much easier to squash the rumor that Bristol Palin was not the mother of Trig by producing such a photo? Instead, the McCain campaign created a shell game for a current scandal by dragging Bristol Palin (and the media) into a future one.

  27. Wind says:

    I don’ think that baby Trig, who Sarah is using for a POLITICAL PROP is the offspring of daughter Bristol. I think Bristol’s pregancy was just bad timing. Young girls don’t typically give birth to babies with Down Syndrome. By and large that is one of the dangers of an older mother pregnancy. This leads me to a suspicion with a different twist on the entire charade and lie used by Sarah Palin in order to further her career. I don’t think that Sarah gave birth to Trig, either.
    As we’ve learned so far, Sarah Palin is so self-righteously anti-choice, that she doesn’t believe in giving another woman the right to make choices for her own life, even in the case of incest or rape (such compassion! not!) The ultra fundamentalists who support this line of thinking have latched their teeth into a relatively new (within the past few years) marketing trend: Exploit babies with disabilities and birth defects (especially those with Down Syndrome – they’re the cutest) – Hold them up in the public spotlight, put their faces on billboards, and say, “Imagine if this child had been aborted… what a tragedy that would have been.” =guilt, guilt, guilt.
    Now, back up to the Last Frontier…
    Last Spring it was already clear that McCain was the GOP pick. Sarah threw her hat into the ring of potential contenders for the VP, even though logically she should have had a snowball’s chance in hell of getting the nod. She decides to grab herself some more attention and pull her own publicity stunt. With her contacts in the anti-choice network, she finds a “crisis pregnancy center” or some such front that encourages, and coerces women into going full term with a pregnancy regardless of a woman’s circumstances. Palin finds a woman who is 7 months pregnant with a Downs Syndrome baby who has been convinced to go full term. Sarah and the Dude pay the Mystery Mother off to hand over the baby at birth, no adoption papers, no questions asked. So, it’s not surprising that Sarah didn’t tell anyone, not her parents, and not even her children that she was pregnant, because she WASN’T. The conversation with “the Dr.” on the phone while Sarah was in Tx wasn’t about Sarah’s water breaking, it was about the Mystery Mother’s water breaking. Sarah was in no rush to get back to Wasilla because she wasn’t HAVING a baby that day, she was BUYING/GETTING a baby that day. Now all she has to do is pay off the Dr. to fake the parent’s names on a birth certificate and, voila! Sarah Palin gets all kinds of accolades for making the Choice to carry this disabled child to term! Now she can hold this baby up as a sacrafice to the GOP machine and say look, “I’m a real good republican who can walk the talk! Here’s my baby to prove how anti-choice I really am! Pick me, pick me!” And so they did.
    … stranger things have happened.

  28. smitthy says:

    I think anyone who looks objectively at the Trig birth controversy can see the oddities. Instead we keep hearing how this topic is “off-limits” and either we are publicly shamed for saying so, or ridiculed. In my opinion, it is hypocrisy to state this is none of our business, when Sarah Palin has promised that women’s uteruses and their decisions are her business and government’s business. I think it is entirely likely that Trig was adopted and used as the poster child he is for the Pro-Life… I mean Anti-Choice extremists. And it would be soooo easy to dispel this view, but instead the McCains have chosen to use our doubts against us. The more we wonder, the worse and more ‘mean’ we look.

  29. first dude says:

    The best Van Palin parody is right here (David Lee McCain and Sarah Van Palin):

    I’m Pullin’ For Palin – The Unofficial Tribute To Our Future VPILF

  30. PalinBaby Question says:

    Here are two thoughtful sites that are trying to collect and publish information on the (still open) question of who are the parents of Trig Palin:

    or if you have to “copy and paste:”

  31. Alexander says:

    Has anyone seent he clip of Palin and her children taking the ice at the Philadelphia Flyers game this weekend? Bristol took the ice with her Mother & sister, wearing jeans and a close fitted white jacket. No signs whatsoever of her being pregnant? Now why is that?

  32. Clementine says:

    Well, I am just getting on this boat. While I am no big fan of Sarah Palin’s politics, I have to say she seemed . . . cool (I am waiting for lightening to strike) in the Hike with Sarah Palin video.

    In any event, the whole situation reeks of VC Andrews’ Garden of Shadows – you know, where you find out that Alicia hid in the attic until she gave birth to Corinne while Olivia faked being pregnant in the public eye.

    The point here is that the drama has gotten to this level…and since it’s so untouchable (we’re so RUDE to question it, yet photos of Bristol and Sarah have mysteriously disappeared off the net, there’s no real info on the birth, and excuse me, but wouldn’t there be at least a SMALL story about a GOV.’s daughter staying home from school for months on end with mono??? Like a tiny story with pics about how she’s keeping up with her school work?? Anything??), we really have nothing to go on.

    I think there are two possibilities:

    1. No info is being provided because people obsessing over this ultimately sound nuts. At the same time, Sarah (and therefore the campaign) continue to be talked about – bad news is still news. If no one was talking about them, they wouldn’t have a chance, ya know?

    2. Info is not being provided because there actually IS something to hide here.

    I am not clear why Sarah isn’t coming forward and providing pics, etc. I mean, if she’s just a good ol’ gal from AK, why weren’t there any preggo pics by the fireside? (Seriously, Sarah, you’re parading that kid around like a poster boy, don’t tell me you believe your pregnancy and birth were really intimate and private.) Why no family adventure pics? (Really, aren’t you just a ‘regular Joe’? Wouldn’t you share a few ‘family outtings’ or whatever with Alaska?)

    I think it’s pretty low class to bandy about your pro-life/no-sex-ed-in-schools/anti-BC platform and then pretend your family is is fighting the good fight as they overcome the problems that your platform supports! Does this sound crazy or what??!

    Nothing about the truth behind this baby would shock me. Palin could have spawned and grew that baby in a test tube, made SURE it had a defect of some kind (nothing too debilitating, though – she can’t have a drooler in a wheelchair or a baby who had to have body casts or be on life support with her, it just wouldn’t ‘show’ as well), and had someone in Africa carry it to term. Would not shock me.

  33. Dick says:

    Will we get to see her medical records and paternity tests BEFORE the elections?

  34. frank burns says:

    So, if she was pregnant, where is the baby?

  35. Jim says:

    You are FUCKED UP.

  36. BadGirl82 says:

    As an adult, evaluating what to do about a pay cut, your past experience will make it unlikely that you will join other workers to protest. ,


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