Who is the Mother of Trig Paxon Van Palin?

See Update below.

If it’s Sarah Palin, why is she distinctly not pregnant in a photograph which was apparently taken on Super Tuesday, which is in February, when, as Jazz Shaw points out, Palin would have been about six months along in her pregnancy?

Keep in mind, before we wind up the Friday night activities in Blogistan, that this is still only ten hours after the announcement of Sarah Palin as John McCain’s VP announcement caught so many of us flat-footed. In ten hours, though, the hits keep on coming. Let’s take a quick look at a few more.

The first one, and possibly the most tawdry of the bunch, came via several e-mails which arrived after the announcement here at Jazz Headquarters. Check out this picture of Sarah Palin from Super Tuesday this year.

It’s a nice shot, but according to at least once source it was taken on Super Tuesday. That’s in February. At that point, Palin should have been six months pregnant with her last child. It does make me wonder if the following will turn into a story.

…the oldest girl is rumored to have actually been the one who had the last baby, the one with Down’s Syndrome. She was taken out of school the last 4 or 5 months of her mother’s pregnancy.

On March 5th, 2008 Alaska’s Republican Governor, Sarah Palin, announced to the media that she was 7 months pregnant with her 5th child. She is currently 44.

Palin’s daughter Bristol is 16 and attends an Anchorage high school. Students who have attended class with her report that she has been out of school for months, claiming a prolonged case of mono.

Palin does not appear pregnant in any recent photographs. The announcement came as quite a shock to people who had worked closely with her, and have been quoted as saying that she did not appear pregnant whatsoever during the prior 7 months. While this is debatable, you can judge for yourself here: http://gov.state.ak.us/photos.php

(Ed Note: That link has since died since we first looked at it. The pictures were removed today.)

IF there is anything to this story, there are two issues as I see them. First, and most obvious, is the honesty issue. Why would Palin have lied about who the mother was? Which leads to the second issue: If Bristol Palin IS the mother, how does she feel about all this? If the story is true, and Sarah Palin lied to spare her daughter embarrassment or emotional pain, what does that say about how Bristol Palin felt about the pregnancy itself?

The fact that the photographs of Sarah Palin at a time when she would have appeared to be pregnant, if she really was, were taken down and the link killed, is a little odd if there’s nothing to the story.

UPDATE: Blogtopia is starting to pick up on this story. I’ll keep checking Memeorandum to see how the discussion goes.

UPDATE #2: Obama’s official response.

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  1. jeff says:

    dailylife.com has a lot of new (undated) pics provided by Gov. Palin’s family (the Heath family).
    This one shows her clearly pregnant.


  2. Lindy says:

    To jeff, re: the photo you just linked to:
    1> Check out the clothes, glasses, hairstyles of the two women. This is clearly a photo that’s at least several years old, and can’t be of her recent pregnancy. She looks radically different–hairstyle, glasses, etc. from all the photos taken of her in the past 2 years. This has to be from one of her pregnancies with one of her other 4 kids.
    2> Also, this photo shows what Sarah Palin actually looks like at about 7-9 months pregnant. She’s totally showing, in a big way. And that’s pretty different from any of the pictures we;ve been seeing of her supposed “pregnancy” with kid #5.

  3. suz says:

    Interesting that a baby born one month early weighs 6 pounds 2 ounces (http://www.adn.com/news/alaska/story/380134.html). A newborn is considered to be a low birth weight if under 5 pounds 8 ounces (http://www.marchofdimes.com/professionals/14332_1153.asp). Assuming the expected date was 40 weeks, that would make the baby born at 36 weeks, which the weight range can be from 4.5 up to 6 pounds (http://www.marchofdimes.com/professionals/14332_1157.asp). A baby with Down’s Syndrome typically is 10 to 20% below the average birth weight (http://www.whonamedit.com/synd.cfm/322.html). Mothers who don’t gain enough weight during their pregnancy increase the risk of the baby having a low birth weight baby. Women of average weight should gain 25 to 30 pounds during the pregnancy (http://www.marchofdimes.com/professionals/14332_1153.asp). So with all these odds stacked against poor little Trig, it is quite surprising that he was born a healthy weight. Also with all the risks associated with premature birth, you would think that a pro-life loving mother would get straight to hospital rather than traveling for 14 hours to an out of the way hospital which doesn’t mention anything about premature care on their website:

    Also Trig is not listed on the Mat-Su Hospital baby birth list on their website. I guess they would need permission to list the babies but it is still interesting…

    This goes to show how right wing fundamentalist pro-life views like Sarah Palin’s destroy the lives of teenage girls. If it does turn out that her daughter is in fact the mother, how terrible that she has put her daughter through such a horrible public experience. Apart from the option of not being in this situation at all if she had had proper sex ed and access to contraception and abortion, this girl could have been proudly holding this baby as her own instead of being shamed into hiding away and having her baby forcibly taken away. Is this what we want for our daughters? By having a president and vice president who are both staunchly and stubbornly opposed to the right to choose we risk eliminating the women’s rights we have worked so hard to claim and turning back the clock to the 50s and times of hidden shameful pregnancies, babies ripped away from the arms of teenage mothers, and dangerous backyard abortions and attempts to miscarry. Is America a first world country or a third world country?

  4. kristen says:

    the [undated] dailylife photo you linked to is laughable at best.

    your response is dead on. there is no way either one of those outfits have been touched in the last decade [at least]. if i had to guess, i’d say it is early 90s and that’d be… bristol.

  5. Marilyn says:

    Suppose Sarah Palin did claim her daughter’s child as her own. What legal implications, if any, would this have? For instance, the baby will presumably be listed as her child for IRS purposes, and covered by her health insurance… Wouldn’t this be considered fraud?

    Not to mention, she would have had to lie to her staff, friends, and the American public in general.

  6. nick p says:

    Most of all, as an anti-abortion executive, she would make the private lives and pregnancy decisions of every other woman in America a public matter potentially enforcable by jailtime. This obviates any claim to her own pregnancy decisions being accorded any privacy respect. If you can’t take it, don’t dish it out.

  7. Insider says:

    I think there may be something to this story.

    The flight home was medically unsound – older moms can deliver quickly.

    However, it is rare for a teenager to have a Downs baby and commoner for an older mom.

  8. me says:

    I dont know who said this, but being VP is NOT one of the highest paid jobs in the world. how ridiculous!

    and whos damn business is it if your water is leaking if she did fly on an airline (which i doubt) i mean DUH, what are, they vaginally giving her a litmus test to check it or something? oh, and since she was rather small, she didnt look to be 36-37 weeks which is the cut off for most major airlines.

    and a LOT of women in AK fly to give birth. its a normal thing there. maybe not the length of the flight but flying somewhere else to do it is definitely normal.

    sheesh people!

  9. me says:

    e world would it be illegal to claim on your taxes a child which youve decided to raise? its called adoption. is this hard to understand? oh, or maybe shes just raising him in the public, hes with his “real” mom at home. then what? whats illegal?

    its almost impossible unless genetically theres a problem for a 16yo to have a downs baby. a 44yo..its VERY likely.

    i was fine within a few MINUTES of birth. no hurting, pain, or anything and no stitches or anything else to hinder me. i could have easily gone back to whats a no physical labor job, especially WITH THE BABY and daddy and any number of assistants right there to take care of him and me if i needed something!

    this is all ridiculous without there being any proof, or anyone involved in the pregnancy speaking out at all in favor of her not being pregnant.

  10. Cyn says:

    Here’s more fuel for the fire. Palin was REALLY upset when the Alaska Supreme Court ruled the law requiring abortion consent bill was unconstitutional last fall. In reality the girls who end up requiring this, are often victims of incest, but that’s a whole other story.

    I remember following this how Palin was so driven to get this back onto the legislature. I know this is coincidental and all but I’m really interested in knowing if she had a more personal reason for her interest and pursuit of this legislation????

  11. the other me says:

    I’m sure a lot of women fly to give birth in Alaska, but they would fly to a hospital from a place with no hospital.

  12. Di says:

    I don’t think the photographs tell us much because many women do not show. Also, she may have worn larger clothes or eaten more to make herself look more pregnant so this is not telling.

    The things that seem suspicious are
    1. The fact that her daughter was pulled out of school at exactly the same time that Palin was pregnant. Nobody has “mono” for five months without being hospitalized. If there is no record of hospitalization then this is very suspicious. This is too much of a coincidence. Also, we know her daughter was driving around because she got in an accident so if she was well enough to drive around alaska, why wasn’t she well enough to go to school. This is such a common lie told when a young woman is pregnant.

    2. It is extraordinary that a middle-aged woman pregnant with a down’s syndrome baby would choose to fly, and fly for so long, after her water broke. Nobody can predict how long labor will last, especially since later children tend to come more quickly. Almost all women I know would have remained in Texas. However, this makes sense if Palin was rushing home because Bristol was in labor and she needed to be in the same place as the baby when it was born.

    When we combine these coincidences with the fact that people in her office also did not think she looked pregnant and she doesn’t look pregnant in photos, then this becomes increasingly suspicious.

    This is such a common lie. (Grandmothers pretending to be mothers to protect their daughters.) It happens all of the time, and it always will.

    The problem is that the liar is a vice-presidential candidate who also supports shooting wolves from airplanes. destroying ANWR, removing Polar Bears from the threatened species list, has more than once abused her power, and left little Wasilia, Alaska a mess before becoming Governor.

  13. bror says:

    the funny thing is I have seen ZERO evidence to support the claims that her daughter was pulled out of school … pictures there are plenty and there are a handful of news stories about the flight from TX to AK … but show me the records from the school that say she was pulled out for several months since I have seen nothing on that point

    Some women do not show pregnancy even at late stages and yes, her choice to fly and her choice to return to work several days after raises questions (guess the job was more of a priority than the new baby, and I have personal doubts that Alaska’s “First Dude” is the actual primary care giver)

    but all in all there is still NO credible evidence as of yet ( I say this as someone who has posted to this thread several times)

    That aside, I still think she is a bigger media hog than McCain and that he will become jealous of her stealing his spotlight, he is used to being a one-man-band and now we are all obsessed with her, he seems b o r i n g in comparison

    Wonder how she will be holding up 1 month from now? one thing about these “inside the beltway” types, they train for this level of competition, stress and media focus and so can handle it. She’s got chops, I will give her that and in 4-5 years I think we would see her on the main stage. So the question is: will she be able to hold up? Will the relationship between her and JM stand the strain? Will Cindy “I’m Offended” McCain become jealous of John’s wondering eye?

    Stay tuned for tomorrow’s episode of Days of Our Lives …

  14. Magusdevil says:

    Of course she didn’t lie about having a baby to cover up her daughter’s pregnancy.

    The Governor, a vocal anti-choice Republican, chose to return to Alaska to have her 5th child despite the following risk factors:
    1. She was leaking amniotic fluid (her water broke) increasing the risk of infection.
    2. She was 44 years old, a risky age for childbirth.
    3. The baby she was carrying had known “special challenges” (down syndrome)
    4. The child was one full month premature.
    5. She flew from Texas to Alaska on a commercial airline (Alaska Airlines) while while leaking amniotic fluid, a 10 or more hour flight depending on the length and location of her layover.
    6. She did not inform any of the airline staff of her condition.

    However, Gregg Erickson, a reporter from the Anchorage Daily News, told the Daily Kos that the rumors had been investigated and debunked.

    So it appears that these behaviors are not those of a person faking/covering up a pregnancy but merely those of someone with terrible, terrible judgment.

  15. leslie says:

    Was the baby full term?

  16. Simona Mazyck says:

    This is a question of the credibility for the Gov. Palin
    Why is there no entry on the web page for the nursery page for the birth of her son at the Alaskan Hospital Mat-Su Regional Medical Center where she gave birth on April 18th?


    Why did they not recognize this birth. The articles in Alaskan newspaper said she gave birth there.
    Should we believe this story about her daughter having Mono for 4-5 months during this time and not attending school?

    I would like to see the complete medical records of all candidates.

  17. Alan says:

    Here is video of Sarah Palen taken a couple weeks prior to giving birth to Trig. She is drinking coffee and walking around in high heels. Wow!! She is in very good shape for a person who is 7 months pregnant.


  18. mweholt says:

    I have to say… I find the digging into all of this unseemly and would prefer to see it left to the National Enquirer. Surely that Fine Paper is hungry for another scoop like the John Edwards affair.

    However, I do have to say that there does seem to be a great deal that’s curious in all this.

    I noted the weirdness of the flying back from Texas after her water broke long before I heard anything about all this Who’s The Mother stuff. I just felt… whoa… I’d like to hear more about that. I was thinking something along the lines of Jeez, that seems like extraordinarily bad judgment.

    So I don’t know, but mostly I would prefer that it be left to the Enquirer. If this is some sort of ruse to cover up a pregnancy by the daughter, I can’t believe an outfit with real resources couldn’t get the goods pretty quickly. If you squint your eyes and don’t look very closely, this sort of thing can be covered up… mostly. But if you are actually determined to find out what happened, and you have the resources to do so… there are just too many people and paper trails involved in this sort of thing for a lie to survive any sort of real scrutiny.

    But having said all of that… in the footage we’ve seen of McCain and Palin heading around the countryside campaigning, I’ve noticed a young woman usually a few steps behind Palin. The young woman is cradling and carrying the infant. I have to confess that after having read all of this, the unwelcome thought occurs to me that, well, yeah, if that young woman is Bristol (I don’t know that it is… never really thought about it until now) and if Bristol is the mother, and I’ve heard that Palin is breast-feeding… what’s the baby, four months old? A baby is still breast-feeding then, right? Well, of course the birth mother would have to be nearby to provide the milk…

    But I wholly and completely acknowledge that is a completely random thought. Surely it would make just as much sense that the oldest daughter (if that is who that young lady is) would come along not only for the photo-ops of the Beautiful Family, but also to help look after the infant.

    So, yeah, I would prefer knowing the National Enquirer was looking into this (because I think knowing the truth *is* important for no other reason than the fact that we have very little to judge Palin on at the moment) and knowing that those of us on the left were leaving it alone.

    It’s going to look really bad if we are the ones to drag this weird thing into the light, if there is anything to be dragged into the light, of course. It’s going to look a lot less bad (for us) if some sleazy reporter from the Enquirer is the one to do it.

  19. MAK says:

    How is she breastfeeding the baby is Gov. Palin wasn’t lactating? Her next to youngest is age 7. I very much doubt she was still breastfeeding her when the baby was born.

    Why wouldn’t the daughter have maternity benefits? I’m sure the Palins’ have family coverage.

    Why do this to a 17 year old girl? Not only are you dragging her mother down an alley with rumors but you are taking her daughter with her.

    This site is being linked to in order to give this story legs. I know it is being repeated on the NY Times blogs. If this turns out to be a viscious, malicious rumor, you guys have lost all credibility and have hurt Obama’s cause.

  20. mweholt says:

    How is she breastfeeding the baby i[f] Gov. Palin wasn’t lactating?

    I think you missed the implication of my random thought, but since I hate this whole thing anyway, I’m not going to bother trying to make it clear to you.

  21. mweholt says:

    I think you missed the implication of my random thought, but since I hate this whole thing anyway I’m not going to bother trying to explain it to you. It was just a random thought that ends up hanging out there because there is so much that is curious in this. The curiosity of it all is going to keep generating random thoughts in people until some outfit like the Enquirer digs into all this and dispels all the curious questions.

    I know you think this is just some left-wing nutbag thing, but it isn’t. I don’t actually want it to be true. But there is too much that is odd about it. Your best bet would be to encourage the Governor and her people to address all the curious questions so all of it can be put to rest. It’s going to happen anyway, so the best thing for her is to be as forthright as possible.

    The real problem is that we don’t know anything about Palin. We have no record to go on. Is she the sort of person who would do things this way? If so, what does that tell us about her?

    We have a right to know. I’m sorry about what it might do to the daughter and all that, but if it is true — I hope it isn’t, but if it is — it wasn’t the people of the United States that got her pregnant. Don’t blame us. We’re just trying to figure out what sort of person the Republican nominee for Vice President is.

  22. John Harding says:

    It is probably true. But everyone must understand other cultures. Sarah Palin’s husband is part Eskimo. It is in the Eskimo tradition to offer your wife, or I assume children to visitors. They put it very politely, “Would you like to laugh with my wife.” To refuse such an offer is a major insult. One must accept.
    A good friend of mine, author Han Ruesch who died just a year ago, wrote several novels about the Eskimos. He was an expert on the subject.

    A major film was made from Hans’ novel, Top of the World as The Savage Innocents. Anthony Quinn starred as Inuk, an Inuit Eskimo, who has had little contact with white men. At a trading post, Inuk accidentally kills a missionary, who insulted him by refusing the traditional Inuit (sexual) hospitality of wife-sharing. (Taken from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hans_Ruesch).

    So what if Palin’s daughter got knocked up. Big deal. It’s her culture.

    The Palins are a great family.

  23. Pat says:

    All Gov Palin has to do is to prove it via DNA!!!!!

  24. Amanda Smith says:

    Sarah Palin always seemed too good to be real and while this is truly speculative, it will kill McCain’s chances if it is actually true. Why couldn’t she just embrace this child? Many would have respected her honesty.
    On the other hand, this all could be a pack of lies from the Obama camp. Pregnant women carry their babies differently. Women OVER 35 statistically have higher incidents of Down-Syndrome babies and many of the other “supposed facts” are not credible.
    I don’t know what to think.

  25. Amanda Smith says:

    Isn’t she breast feeding?

  26. DS says:

    To add yet another twist to the rumor, Bristol Palin is reported to be very pregnant at this time, i.e. now, August 2008. Examine this photo supposedly taken from McCain’s daughter’s blog on Friday, Aug 29, 2008:


  27. 1MOM says:

    I am a democrat. I am the mother of an autistic son. I know about raising a child with special needs. I decline to offer a comment or opinion until I get the facts. We should not be so quick to judge. The truth will always speak for itself.

    I would like for us all to stick with with issues that are most important us – – the economy, the war in Iraq, health care, and education . . .

    Personally, I pray for Mrs. Palin and her family.

  28. Will Pitkin says:

    One wonders why a woman who would not entertain an abortion for any reason woul submit to amniocintesis, a procedure with some risk to the fetus.

  29. D. says:

    there are other photos of her taken on this day. this is silly.

  30. JustMe says:

    Oh, good grief. 1) She also returned to the office only a few days after she gave birth to her 4th child, Piper? Is anyone suggesting she’s not the mother of that child as well? 2) Any woman who has given birth previously may know her body well enough to be able to tell how far along her labor is. Contractions don’t automatically start once the water breaks; sometimes you have *days.* Also, standing after the water breaks (which she would have done while speaking) causes the baby’s head to point downward and “plug” up the cervix, which pretty much stops the water. Sometimes a maxi pad is enough to absorb it. And often the breaking of the waters is more like a steady seeping, rather than gushing. Granted, I think flying was goofy. But who knows what her rationale for that way. The other stuff, though, is ridiculous speculation and 3) several years ago I had an aerobics instructor who was phenomenally fit. When she was pregnant, she actually taught a class — a very high-intensity one — in labor. I didn’t even know she was pregnant until she was about 7 months and if someone hadn’t told me, I still would not have known — at 7 months, she looked like maybe she’d eaten a pretty big meal. And her baby weighed over 7 pounds.

  31. Kevin says:

    This kind of story is poison. It may even have been planted by Herr Karl Rove, to bait Democrats into a trap (known in political circles as “ratf-cking). DO NOT take the bait. Reject this scurrilous story. If it’s true, let SOMEONE ELSE dig it up. Leave it alone, please. I’m CERTAIN Senator Obama would advise all of his supporters not to engage in the kind of vicious character assassination and odious smear tactics which we typically see from the GOP. We have a wealth of legitimate, above-board, policy- and inexperience-based ammo with which to defeat this truly repugnant McCain/Palin ticket. We need not stoop to their amoral, despicable level. Please…DON’T!!!

  32. craig says:

    surprising she is wearing black and loose clothes instead of showing off how fat and pregnant she is.. obviously didnt do a very good coverup job in this picture:
    But dont let that stop the bizarre theories..good reads, all of them

  33. gcotharn says:

    below: the story is dated April 23, 2008; the picture caption says: “Gov. Sarah Palin, far right, swears in Americorps volunteers on the front steps of the capital building last week.”

    Now go here to see a web album of this event: Palin looks pregnant in two photos.

    Here is a blogpost about an airport terminal chat with Palin. The blogger says Palin is pregnant. The date of the airport chat is unclear, but the implication is that the chat happened sometime in 2008.

    I once attended two weeks of a murder trial. A relative of mine was the murder victim. The defendant was also known to me. I could tell, from the evidence and also from the evidence plus my personal knowledge of the parties: the defendant was absolutely guilty.

    A book was written about that murder case. It detailed why the defendant was innocent. The book’s author twisted three facts of the case just a bit: just a little nudge here, and a tiny twist there, and an itsy bitsy ignoring of a seemingly innocuous piece of evidence, and the author produced a book which made it look for all the world as if the defendant were innocent. If I had read the book without having personally attended the trial, I would’ve gone to my grave asserting the defendant was innocent.

    That experience taught me how easy it is to twist reality. It just takes the tiniest nudge here, and the tiniest oversight there, and fantasy suddenly looks real. I’ve grateful to the author of that fantastical book. He taught me an important lesson.

  34. Bob says:

    The story is track Palin and his abrupt decision to join the army in September, 2007. Palin had no comment as the reasons for Track’s decision were private.

  35. Charles says:

    There is an article contemporary with the birth of Palin’s child that supports Palin’s version of events here Her obstetrician says she was consulted regarding flying back after Palin’s water had broken, and she assented. I would call this direct confirmation that Palin is Trig’s mother.

    But no one should be surprised or pretend to be shocked that people are discussing the matter. Palin is interviewing for a very senior position and her veracity is a legitimate issue.

    Jason, there’s a fainting couch in the washroom if you need it.

  36. huh says:

    Did anyone see the last season of Desperate Housewives? Bree pretended that she was pregnant when in fact it was her 17 year old unmarried daughter who was! Bree even went as far as wearing a fake baby bump (which you can easily get online or try one on at Motherhood-I did when I was 5 months pregnant and upset I wasn’t showing). Then Bree’s daughter went into labor early at a Halloween party and they had to fake the birth of the child. Somebody knows and is paid very well not to tell or is being blackmailed as was the case on Desperate Housewives or…Desperate Vice Presidents.

    PS I am a mother of two. Am pregnant with my third. I am 2 moths pregnant and people at work hav ealready started to tell me congratulations!!! I thought I was hiding it well!

  37. Arman says:

    The author asks “Why would Sarah Palin lie about this?” Hmm.. let me think… maybe because you look a little stupid if you are avidly against ‘sex-education’ in school and support ‘abstinence only’ education and suddenly your 16 year old daughter becomes pregnant….

  38. bror says:

    why I am done with this thread/issue

    As of yet, I have seen no conclusive evidence to disprove that she is actually the mother. Over the last few days, a lot has come to light about Gov. Palin and I take her for what she is: an ambitious, competitive, caring, hard-working person with strong values & beliefs who lovers her family but also is driven by both a calling to serve and a desire for the spotlight. She is no different any other proud and strong Americans who take up the challenge of public service – except that she has just been thrust onto the National stage with minimal introduction. I believe she has the chops and just enough basic experience (minus international experience which is 50% of the job), and we will see how she handles the pressure of the entire Nation focused on her and her family. This is part of the national vetting process; the GOP has been digging dirt on Obama for more than 18 months and I have no doubt that if they had found any salacious details they would have used them by now. Back to the matter at hand …

    In MY OPINION (cause that is all this chatter is) What this nomination says to me are 3 things:

    1) John McCain made a gut decision without thinking through all the ramifications, good or bad. He wanted someone else, but that was blocked by internal party pressure so he picked a pro-life woman candidate who has a lot of conviction and charisma. It is obvious that his people have not vetted her, so rather than a deliberate pace of research and verification, it’s a free for all. A perfect 4th quarter hail-Mary type of play. To me, this says volumes about McCain’s decision making process.

    2) What this says to me about Gov. Palin is that she is like so many woman who strive for both a professional career and a family. She made some choices about her pregnancy that, on a scale of National politics look strange, but from her vantage make sense. She wanted to be in her own town, with her own doctors and family close by and she made choices about her physiology that none of us can second guess this; yes we can disagree but it was her choice (ironic huh?). There are many women who downplay their pregnancy for many reasons, nothing new on that score. What is interesting is her choices about what is important to her. In no way do I doubt her love for her family. I also do not doubt her conviction and professional drive. She is exactly what she appears to be: a smart, gutsy home-grown local politician who we would have seen on the big stage in a few years time anyway.

    3) What this says to me about the election process is that it is important for candidates to go through the process of nit-picking and dirt digging – normally something that is done over time and NOT overnight. For both Sen. McCain and Gov Palin to make these choices about nominating her for VP says something about their decision making process and judgment — which each of us form our own opinions about and what this election is all about.

    To me, there is no longer any doubt that she is the mother of the child and that McCain has done exactly what he thinks best — to tip the apple cart. Of course, that flies in the face of the conventional wisdom of picking a VP: First, do no harm.

    Good luck Gov Palin, you will need it. Sorry for the dirt digging, but we don’t know you and we need to understand who you are and we do that through examining your actions.

  39. bror says:

    Ps – I just read this and saw the pic … looks legit to me.

  40. AJ says:

    and y’all wonder why we continue to lose these elections!! Damn it, y’all are killing Obama’s campaign. Idiots!!

  41. BillyLickaLolly says:

    There’s no mention of Trig Palin’s birth at the Mat Su Reigonal Hospital, where Sarah Palin claims she gave birth. You’d figure that for Palmer, Alaska, a town of less than 7000 people, they’d be awfully proud—proud enough to mention the birth on the hospital’s new birth announcements page. No such mention. Infact, there’s no mention of Trig Palin’s birth whatsoever:


    The doctor who supposedly delivered Trig has political connections to Sarah Palin. She was appointed by Palin to a number of high-profile posts in Alaska.

    On MySpace, there’s a page for a 16 year old named Chris Ray, aka “Chris Ray [5]”, or “C-Ray”. Google cache from July 20 reveals this interesting tidbit:



    Chris Ray’s MySpace profile was mysteriously removed 2 days ago when the story broke. No reason provided. Here’s the Google cached version of it:


    What’s more likely? A 44 year old woman becomes pregnant, and no one notices until she announces in her 7th month of pregnancy, and doesn’t show, has her water break in Texas, delivers a speech, goes to the airport, goes through security, gets on a plain to Anchorage, Alaska, then continues on to a podunk town of less than 7,000 people to give birth.. OR..

    Bristol Palin got knocked up in her home town, dropped out of school to avoid embarassment to her hyperconservative family, and tried to quietly give birth at the local hospital where hopefully no one would notice.

    The net is already being scrubbed of pictures of Sarah Palin over the last year.

    Where there’s smoke…

    By the way — There’s a photo of Sarah Palin floating around while pregnant with Track Palin. She’s big as a damn house. Look for it. I think it’s up on iReport, or DailyKos. One of the two.

  42. BillyLickaLolly says:

    Here you go:

    Sarah Palin in 1989, pregnant with Track Palin (scroll down)


  43. Ray says:

    You guys are desperate for negative garbage. Really pathetic

  44. CindyPDX says:

    Well well, Bristol is PG afterall… just announced:


    I guess Bristol will NOW be caring for TWO now:

    So now I guess since Sarah is running for VP, no way will she have time to care for her disabled son properly — He will need LOTS of therapy. Well, if their insurance company denies THERAPY for their son, like they have for our 5 yr old autistic twin son, the Palin’s are RICH enough to pay for it – or rather maybe they’ll use their ABUSE of power and get it.


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