A Couple More Lies To Kick Off Your Weekend

At some point, you would think the McCain Palin team would stop to breathe between lies…

Two lies, real quick, from the world’s worst liars; John McCain, and Sarah Palin.

The first lie, actually, started off with a rumor that Obama had tried to appeal to the Iraqis to slow down any US troop drawdowns.  Now I remember when this first came up; I didn’t even bother addressing it because, as my thought process goes, ‘There just can’t be any there, there.  If there was, we would have heard about it AGES ago, and it would have started out not in the backwaters of conservative punditry, but instead on the front page of the Mainstream Media.’  After all, if Obama really DID do what he was being accused of, that would be major.

So, I just sat, and watched to see where this one would go.  As it turns out, it was slowly gaining ground in Wingnuttia to the point where even the McCain campaign was picking the ball up and running with it… just in time for it to be debunked…

by Republicans.  You simply gotta love Jake Tapper’s tone here; you can almost feel him getting more and more upset at the duplicity of the McCain campaign:

Two officials of the Bush administration say that if Obama had done what the Post story asserted – which they believe to be untrue – U.S. Ambassador Crocker and embassy officials attending the meeting would have ensured that the Bush administration heard about it immediately. If such an incident occurred in front of officials of the Bush administration, it would have constituted a foreign policy breach and would have been front-page huge news; it would not have leaked out two months later in an op-ed column.

Nonetheless, based on nothing more than the Post report, McCain senior foreign policy adviser Randy Scheunemann issued a statement earlier this week expressing outrage. 

“It should be concerning to all that (Obama) reportedly urged that the democratically-elected Iraqi government listen to him rather than the US administration in power,” Scheunemann said, apparently not having talked to anyone with knowledge about the meeting in Bush administration, the US Embassy in Baghdad, GOP Sen. Hagel, or any Republican staffers on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

“If news reports are accurate, this is an egregious act of political interference by a presidential candidate seeking political advantage overseas,” Scheunemann continued. “Senator Obama needs to reveal what he said to Iraq’s Foreign Minister during their closed door meeting. The charge that he sought to delay the withdrawal of Americans from Iraq raises serious questions about Senator Obama’s judgment and it demands an explanation.”

What actually demands an explanation is why the McCain campaign was so willing to give credence to such a questionable story with such tremendous international implications without first talking to Republicans present at Obama’s meeting with Maliki, who back Obama’s version of the meeting and completely dismiss the Post column as untrue.

What’s awesome about this lie is that all of wingnuttia gets to share in the disgrace–well played, folks.  You keep the lies coming, and we’ll keep using them to win the election.

Next up, Sarah Palin.  Sarah “Thanks but no thanks” Palin.  As part of her narrative that she’s a crusader against wasteful government spending, we were not only told that she didn’t take earmarks (she totally did), we were not only told she opposed the bridge to nowhere (she totally didn’t), but we were also told that she gave herself a paycut as the mayor of Wasilla (she sorda did, but ended up watching her pay increase anyway).

As Greg Sargent reports, yes, the Moose Hunter did give herself paycuts; two to be exact.  But the pay increases she received overrode the pay cuts.  So this isn’t a 100% lie due to the fact that she did give herself pay cuts, but it’s still at least a 75%er because her self inflicted pay cuts actually failed to, you know, cut her pay.

Even as I write this, I see more lies coming down the pike, but you know what?  For the time being I’m just going to call it there, I can only handle so much lying from a prospective president and vice president or else it will just ruin my weekend.

3 Responses to “A Couple More Lies To Kick Off Your Weekend”

  1. Micky Littleton says:

    As far as the first lie goes, the McCain camp are not the only ones pushing this story. Rush Limbaugh phoned in to the FOX cable news channel last night and rode this little doggy into the dirt.

    This story should be all over the papers, front and center, and all over tv news stations from coast to coast. It cannot be allowed for even one American to believe this lie, and it DEFINATELY cannot be allowed for any non-American to believe this lie.

  2. Kate says:

    Hi, Kyle,

    A typo in your article that you might want to fix — you write:

    As it turns out, it was slowly gaining grown in Wingnuttia …

    “grown” should be “ground”

    (Sorry — I’m a copyeditor; I can’t help but notice these things.) But keep up the good work! You’re a good writer, and helping to bring out much-needed truths.

  3. Mickey: I’ll be perfectly frank; at this point I truly hope that the McCain campaign doesn’t stop with the lying for several reasons.

    For one, they give Obama the opening to do what he does best; counterpunch. This is the key reason why I don’t think McCain was paying as close attention to the Democratic primaries as he should have. Obama is terrible at initiating an attack, but it’s quite possible that he is one of the best counterpunchers of our time. He just has a great rhythm and ability to redirect an attack at an opponent.

    Second, the media is really getting hot on debunking McCain’s lies, and the more this stuff occurs, the more McCain will likely suffer an Al Gore-ish labeling as liar. Right now McCain is proving to be his own worst enemy in this campaign, and I see no reason to stop it.

    Finally, McCain is unwittingly inoculating the public against negative news for Obama. At the rate he’s going, even if an October Surprise were to broadside the Obama campaign, there’s a likelihood that the public simply wouldn’t buy it.

    Kate: Thank you very much, I really appreciate it, and I’ve fixed the typo. I have to admit, in the book that I’m writing I’m coming to learn that that exact error you found is a pretty common one from me. Rather embarassing, actually.

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