A Sharper Tone

Well, there’s been no shortage of clamoring for this kind of ad:

There’s really not much for McCain to complain about, either. If he didn’t want to be labeled a dishonorable liar, he shouldn’t have allowed himself to become one.

Incidentally, the absolute funniest reaction has to come from Ann “I’m not drunk… really” Althouse, who says, despite claiming that she really paid real close attention to this election:

3. I think quite a few voters, like me, will feel very skeptical about generic assertions and quotes taken out of context. We American voters are competent ad watchers, and I don’t think this will work on us.

Which America is this? That’s the America I want to live in!

2 Responses to “A Sharper Tone”

  1. Kathy says:

    It’s in that place where the clouds are far behind you, and troubles melt like lemon drops, Kyle.

    But in the place we really are, that is one powerful ad. It’s about time.

  2. Alas, if little bluebirds can fly across the rainbow, why, oh why, can’t I?

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