Ace of Bigotry

As we’ve seen at CFLF and elsewhere, the question of who is Trig Palin’s mother is making the rounds.  It’s a sensitive issue and I can see where some might be offended.  Personally, I believe that Sarah Palin is the mother, but given all of the questionable and unconventional circumstances surrounding the situation, I think the enquiries were resonable.

Most on the Right, though, don’t think it’s reasonable.  And in reply, some are more offensive and bigoted then we could ever try to be.

Over at Ace of Spades, Ace practically calls for a jihad on Andrew Sullivan for bringing the issue up.  During his tirade, he proceeds to call the gay, HIV-positive Sullivan the “Taker of Milky Loads”, and accuses him of “suffering from AIDS-related dementia“.  And that’s only in the first couple of paragraphs I bothered to read of Ace’s post — I neglected to indulge in the rest of that trash.

For any wingers who wonder why we accuse you of bigotry and racism, it’s because people like Ace are on your side.  People like Ace who are usually careful with their rhetoric, but when they lose their temper, their true feelings of prejudice come out.  He is an A-List, widely read rightwing blogger shining light on the real motives behind the Right’s crusades against homosexuals; and this can be translated to against minorities, etc.  I don’t mean to make a blanket statement, but through people like Ace and his fanbase, we really see the culture war aspects displayed in Pat Buchanan’s 1992 GOP convention speech come to fruition.  If you want people on the Left to trust you, it’s time that your party stopped making bigots like Ace popular.

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  1. radical_Moderate says:

    The hypocrisy on the Right is palpable. While they think it perfectly rational to imply that Obama is NOT an American Citizen (no matter that his mother indisputedly was, and that McCain himself was born outside the US), or to imply that because Obama’s father family , people that Obama never knew growing up, are Muslim that somehow Obama is too, all the way to the “Whitey Tape” that the extreme right wing were confident would come out this Fall to bring down both Obamas, now these same people are going apeshit over the possibilty, based on what I think is fairly strong circumstantial evidence, that Palin’s last child is actually her grandson.

    On the other hand, I personally have posted about this story once on a forum I frequent once, and I am done with it unless something concrete comes out. Of course this is more than the Right who gleefully harped on John Edward’s unfortunate affair were willing to do, the Edwards affair dominanted the Right wing blogs for weeks, even though Edwards was not a Candidate for political office at that point; of course, as in the Clinton case, they covered their asses by saying that it wasn’t the purient content of these stories that mattered , but rather it was the “dishonesty,” (not to mention the complicity they saw in the MSM to cover up the story) well I am saying it in this case as well, IF that baby is Palin’s grandchild, then the hypocrisy of her extreme positions is thrown into sharp relief. On the other hand, a rumor such as this is par for American Politics going all the way back to Jefferson who, it was whispered during his campaign for POTUS, fathered children with his slave Sally Hemmings. Is it right or fair? Probably not, yet both sides (the Right more than the Left as we have seen in recent years) do it for Political advantage; no matter how “Progressive” America seems on social issues, we are always straining against our Puritan origins.

  2. Carl says:

    Have any of the compassionate, self-appointed Democrat op research teams thought about Governor Palins daughter and how this may affect her self-esteem, other than posting photo-shopped orgy pictures of her, I really can’t think of anything worse you could do to a teenage girl. At least a conservatively raised girl, you all probably raise your children to make sure that they take some good orgy pictures of themselves before they lose their girlish figure. Obama is going to go from Presidential hopeful to not-a-chance-in-hell if he doesn’t disown you people and fast.

  3. matttbastard says:

    Um, in light of this and (especially) this, is anyone here planning on updating the record?

  4. tas says:

    Feel like eating some crow, Carl?

    As I stated before Palin’s announcement, the reasons for looking into who Trig’s parent is were justifiable.

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