Building the Foundation

One of the unique and clear advantages of the internets in general — and blogging in particular — is the potential for bringing attention and support to candidates in races which otherwise would be fought and won or lost in relative obscurity.

This helps us as well as the candidates.

We’re all working to put a Democrat in the White House.  If we can make sure there is a good base of progressives in both houses of Congress to work with President Obama, I will certainly be very happy.   If we can also get promising young progressives the exposure and mentoring they need to be the leaders of the future, it would be sublime.

I am quite frankly not especially involved in politics at the local level.  I am certain there are individuals with a far better eye for up-and-coming talent than I have, and I’m hoping they devote their talent to scouting the minor leagues, as it were.

Ah, but at the national level, I’m always on the lookout for fresh faces who are appealing and compelling, and also able to express progressive ideals in such a way that ordinary people relate to them.

I think Scott Kleeb shows real promise.  Plus, it would just feel great to turn Nebraska (Nebraska!) a bit more blue.

I’ve been aware of Scott Kleeb, candidate for Senate from Nebraska (for the seat being vacated by Chuck Hagel, who is retiring) for some time.  Mostly, it was his campaign photo that really caught my eye.

Howie Klein over at Firedoglake provided a detailed introduction to Scott Kleeb, and included a great debate video that just says it all.

Go look, read, and watch.  If you’re impressed, go send him some love if you can.

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