Cognitive Dissonance ’08

That’s what the Republican ticket may as well be called; Cognitive Dissonance ’08, because that’s pretty much all we’ve been served up for the past couple of days.

From Rudy Giuliani’s ridicule of Obama’s lack of executive experience (hey Rudy, how’d running as America’s Mayor turn out for you?  All that executive experience, far more executive experience that even John McCain…  what…  no?  Oh, right you lost too), to the endless litany that Sarah Palin is more qualified than Barack Obama to stand in the Oval Office, the whole time not a single one of them recognizing that the same rationale they use against Obama can be used against McCain.

*clears throat*

Sarah Palin has more executive experience than John McCain because John McCain was never a chief executive.  Oh snap, I just totally wrecked the whole McCain camp with its own logic.  Don’t worry everyone, just go home, might as well swear Obama in on O’Reilly tonight.

There’s the cognitive dissonance that exists in insisting that these people want to govern as a whole, even as they run further to the right than any Republican nominee I’ve seen.  W didn’t run this far right, and believe me I was throwing my shoes at the tv for both of his conventions as well.

At least when he started out W had that “compassionate conservatism” bs that was at least an attempt to bridge the gap between the ideology and the mainstream.  Not here, though.  I have been confused often as to whether I’m watching a national party’s convention, or just a really long primary rally because this convention has been about how liberals are evil, conservatives love America, and John McCain should get to be president of both.  The underlying subtext appears to be that John McCain will punish us liberals using an as of yet undiscussed form of torture.

And then we have the lady of the hour, Sarah Palin herself.  Believe it or not I’m kind of with Ross Douthat in his thoughts that attacking Palin further won’t bear much fruit.  She came, she delivered a speech, and then apparently she’s hopping right back off the campaign trail, ostensibly not to say anything again until the Vice Presidential debate.

I’ll say this much about her before I drop the subject completely; I agree with Ari Melber in that I think she failed.  Further, the cognitive dissonance on display with the woman was heart stopping, literally.  Go check out Mark Kleiman’s utter and thorough deconstruction of her speech–it’s breathtaking.

The reason why Palin’s speech failed was because it won’t stop the press in their tracks, and it wasn’t the kind of speech that will make most Americans go, “Oh, that’s why he chose her.”  She was good, but she wasn’t knock your socks off good.  Couple that with, well to be frank, the fact that she’s a liar and not even a very good one, and I think we’re going to continue to see how poorly McCain chose over the coming weeks.

But for us, it’s time to turn our attention away from Mrs. Palin; there’s just not really any there there.  Conservatives will insist she knocked it out of the park, though as Peggy inadvertantly points out, it’s not as though their opinion really can be taken for granted.  And they’ll insist that we liberals are shaking in our boots (I assure you, I’m not).  But in her biggest moment she came away with missed opportunities; she had the chance to prove she could lead all Americans, but appeared eager only to want to lead an angry and petulant minority.

I’m done with her (until the next scandal drops, I suppose which it’s been a couple hours since the last one, so we should be due any moment).  Palin’s leaving the campaign trail, and we get to focus on the top of the ticket, John McCain.

2 Responses to “Cognitive Dissonance ’08”

  1. muffler says:

    What’s the difference between the head of the KGB and the Prime Minister of Russia?

    Nuclear Missiles, a huge army and a smile!

  2. I don’t want any speech to ever stop the press/media in its tracks. Terrible metric.

    Some might say that S.P.’s talk did knock socks off. Bad metric anyway.

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