After a week of wanting to vomit every evening after sitting down to watch the Republican convention, it’s nice to have a few things to laugh at every once in a while.

Particularly astute viewers may have noticed last night that as John McCain began his speech he was sitting in front of a green background, hearkening back to one of the worst moments of his campaign.  Eventually you got to see a full shot of what was going on in the background:

What is this magnificent looking place, you may ask?  Apparently it’s Walter Reed Middle School, not to be confused with Walter Reed Army Medical Center, though confusing the two places is quite possibly the only explanation for what really happened here.

Granted, it may have been an intentional mix up; what Republican wants to remind America about Walter Reed?

Also, if you’ve been watching the convention closely, you may have heard the song “Barracuda” from the once popular band, Heart.  Considering the dust up the McCain campaign already had over the usage of Johnny Cougar Mellancamp’s “Ain’t That America,” you could almost see this coming.

Heart sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson are a little hot under the collar over the McCain campaign’s usage of their song without permission, and have ordered a cease and desist to the McCain campaign.  Last night the McCain campaign neither ceased nor desisted.  Further, the sisters have said that even if the McCain campaign seeks approval to use their songs, they will refuse.


Finally, to get a little serious for the moment, and to travel deep into the land of IOIYAR (It’s Okay If You’re A Republican for the uninitiated), there’s this video:


The problems here are twofold.  The first is something that is getting a little steam in the blogosphere made a little more harsh by Rudy Giuliani’s speech and adherence to old form; the blatant usage of 9/11 imagery and language for political gain.

My wife has a decal on her back window that has a picture of the twin towers encapsulated in a pentagon.  “Never forget,” is written simply below them.  And we don’t forget, because we’re Americans.  Being a Republican, however, apparently alters the statement to say, “Never forget to use this in a campaign.”

The other problem, as reported by CBS, is that the soldiers depicted in this video are fake.  We’re not talking about Rush Limbaugh “fake soldiers” who stand in opposition to the war they fight in and are continuing to poor far more money into Obama’s coffers than John McCains, but real fake soldiers, as in actors used in stock footage.

Had this video been on display at the Democratic convention, the uproar would have been deafening, and all of a sudden my post which was supposed to be a little light hearted doesn’t feel quite so funny anymore.

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  1. radical_Moderate says:

    Like I said in a previous post, the cheap visuals of the Republican Convention which extended to the short films touting Miss Wassilia’s and Cindy Lou’s accomplishments astonished me. (This was especially thrown into sharp relief by memories of the bios shown at the Dems…at least one of which was directed by Steven Spielberg if I recollect correctly.)

    The only cool part of the show was the truly impressive balloon release at the end. BTW, I thought that if I had to look at that ginormous image of a waving American flag any longer that it might trigger a seizure.


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