Erik Erikson’s Pants Are On Fire

Intent on lowering expectations after the fact, Erik Erikson pulls one claim strictly out of his backside; Sarah Palin had to wing her speech due to a teleprompter misfunction.  Even if it were true, I wouldn’t be all that impressed.

I would expect someone who had been coached for the past few days on nothing other than giving that speech to be able to deliver teleprompter or not.  Even still, I wouldn’t call it a comparable speech delivery to Barack Obama’s historic speech on race delivered in Pennsylvania earlier this year which was given without any teleprompter whatsoever, and Bill Clinton himself has delivered some solid speeches sans teleprompter, so I’m a little too used to fine oratory without a teleprompter to be much impressed.

But here’s the funny thing; Erikson’s lying his ass off.  The debunker?  Politico’s Jonathan Martin who actually WATCHED the teleprompter working properly through the speech.

I’m interested in this, why try to handicap Palin’s performance if it was so great?

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