George W. Bush Endorses John McCain

Right.  So I had no intention of watching the Republican convention.  My television may not necessarily be fancy, but I like it, and watching this debacle will only result in putting a hole in it.

My wife, because she is mildly insane, just turned it on.  Right in time to see the current president speak on a gigantic Big Brother-esque jumbo-tron.

I can’t imagine Bush endorsing John McCain as a big thing, but go figure, they insisted on having him up there, so be it.  Like just about anything that comes from Bush’s mouth there’s not much that is noteworthy beyond the fact that he didn’t commit any Bushisms.  That, and there was this quote:

If the Hanoi Hilton couldn’t break John McCain’s resolve, you can be sure that the Angry Left never will.

My very simple retort; no, the Angry Left may not break him, but boy howdy did the looney right break whatever resolve and integrity McCain did have if he had any at all.  Oh, and yes, we were treated to yet another retelling of the McCain POW story, which reminds me of this:


Note to the electorate: Being a POW is not a platform.

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  1. bozinny says:

    They may have beamed in Bush to jump in the conga line, but did you like how the McCain campaign threw in the palate cleansing sorbet that was the Reagan video package? Wiped that Bush aftertaste right away.


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