How Big of a “Hero” is John McCain

Strapping up his blue spandex and red cape, John McCain “suspended” his campaign in order to return to Washington and save the world… or at least the economy.  Some have cynically claimed this was a stunt, but no, really, they needed him there!

Really, the congress needed someone who, as late as Tuesday, hadn’t even bothered to read the three page proposal because you don’t need to actually KNOW anything about what’s going on to help fix it.  I mean, McCain, who’s been warning about this whole crisis for two years now has the record to back that up.

Sarah Palin, pay attention; I expect to find some specific examples for you to take back to Katie Couric.  You know, those specific examples you promised you would get back to her with?  When we take a look at what John McCain has done to help protect us from the banking collapse during this congress we find…

Wait a minute…

No, hold on, we don’t find a single damn thing.  During this congress, John McCain has not put forth a single banking bill, not a single one to help protect against this calamity that he had foreseen coming.  By contrast, his opponent Barack Obama introduced five banking bills.  A couple of these had to do with protecting veterans, so I guess those aren’t that important, but there are two bills whose purposes were, “amending the Securities and Exchange Act of 1934 to provide shareholders with an advisory vote on executive compensation, halting mortgage transactions that promote fraud.”

Okay, nevermind that.  Forget the fact that Obama actually did something to try and halt the this before hand and McCain didn’t.  What’s important is that John McCain was PUTTING COUNTRY FIRST!  And he was doing it so that rowdy congress would stop playing around and come to an agreement.  But…

Wait a minute.

Hold on a second.

As it turns out, an agreement was already well underway before Super Maverick came to the rescue.  There were some details yet to have been hammered out, but thus far it appears as though congress has been acting uncharacteristically expeditious in the wake of the collapse of several high profile institutions last week.

So, wait a minute.  Why exactly did John McCain have to leave the campaign trail to go to DC again?

Oh, right, he was getting his ass kicked in the election and wanted a time out.  Sorry, my bad, I forgot, it was all just a stunt.

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