I Guess I Was Wrong

Well, when Rich Lowry fails to absolutely gush over McCain’s speech, approaching an almost apologetic, “You’ll have to forgive gramps; he’s tired,” kind of tone, well, I guess my initial reaction to McCain’s speech was a tad bit off.

As fro Rich’s post, I’m going to tentatively agree on most of what he said with the exception of grounding McCain’s “politics of honor.”  I think that for as much as the Democratic convention sought to put substance behind hope and change last week, this week the theme has been, including in McCain’s speech, to tell the most detailed version of McCain’s POW story over and over again, and then give some sort of half vague reference to character.

To McCain’s credit, he seemed a little bit more honest than the rest of the people flogging his POW story, but I would not say that he “grounded” the politics of honor at all.  That was a major crutch of the convention despite Fred Thompson’s assertion (to my bewilderment actually) that being a POW dosn’t qualify someone to be president.

One other point now that I’m thinking about it; is John McCain trying to co-opt the change theme kinda like the kid in school that turns the hottest jacket all of a sudden uncool just by virtue of him wearing it?  He’s bogarting the theme man.  That’s so not cool.

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