Initial Thoughts On McCain Speech

He delivered a good speech, some will say a great speech.  I think McCain is truly oblivious to the cognitive disonance that he pretty much concludes the convention with.  He lied largely about Obama’s platform, and then co-opted a great deal of it.

I don’t think this is a knock out punch, but if the ratings are high enough, assuming Palin didn’t already turn a lot of people off, I think this may give McCain a solid bounce, perhaps even let him catch up to Obama.

But now the real campaign begins, and while he may get a good bounce, and Obama definitely has a hard fight ahead of him, but I don’t think it’s anywhere near insurmountable.  McCain is running as Democrat-Lite, which as the Democrats themselves have proven in the past two presidential election cycles doesn’t work.  Further, McCain’s calls to end partisan rancor don’t even mesh with the tone of his own convention.

Finally, while McCain may have succeeded in firing up his own base, he’s done just as well at firing up the Democrat base, and the ground game established for that base is far superior.  It’s going to be a slugfest, but I’m still pretty happy with Obama’s chances.

2 Responses to “Initial Thoughts On McCain Speech”

  1. radical_Moderate says:

    Kyle, with all due respect, I thought McCain’s speech was awful…although compared to Lindsey Graham’s putrid offering earlier, it seems like a work of genius. I urge you to go back and read the transcript to appreciate the true emptiness of the effort , beyond the relevatory material regarding his experience in Vietnam ,and its meaning to him personally that made some misty eyed, there was truly no “there there.”

    After promising to do away with unemployment insurance…he rather astonishingly stated; “For workers in industries — for workers in industries that have been hard-hit, we’ll help make up part of the difference in wages between their old job and a temporary, lower paid one, while they receive re-training that will help them find secure new employment at a decent wage. ” Note how ever the “fiscal conservative” McCain promises that the Government will make up “part” of the lost wages for workers in Industries hard hit by, let’s face it, jobs sent overseas by the Free Trade Agreements pushed throught the Clinton administration, and driven into super drive by the Bushies.

    I am listening to the pundits on MSNBC now, and several of them are calling McCain’s flaccid effort powerful? Jesus. Only WAPO Conservative commentator Micheal Gerson described it basically as the same GOP crap that we hear every election cycle…I’m with Gerson.

  2. You know, you’re right.

    You’re right.

    I think I know what knocked my political radar askew, and I’m going to address that later this morning.


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