It Worked So Well The Last Time

You know how we can tell that John McCain suspending his campaign helped?  Easy!  The stock market totally didn’t crash because enough bipartisan support was totally available to pass the bailout bill, and we’re totally looking towards bright and shiny days again when it comes to the economy.


Okay, my sources are telling me that the stock market did plummet almost eight-hundred points because House Republicans backed away from the bill at the eleventh hour pointing to a major failure of the supposed leadership of the party’s leader.

My bad.

So here’s where it gets absolutely hi-larious.  After the great and stunning non-success, both in the form of rescuing the economy, and in rescuing his polling numbers, John McCain hints at the possibility that he’ll suspend his campaign again!

No, this is not an SNL skit, this is actually the nominated candidate of one of the two major political parties in our nation actually considering the possibility of repeating a stunt that has already been proven to be an epic failure of legendary proportions.

Legendary.  My kids are going to read about this in school one day, their history teachers unable to keep from chortling as they reach the section on the 2008 presidential campaign.

There’s a bright side, though; at least there will be comedy in that text book to cheer everyone up right after the depressingly tragic eight years prior.

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