Just Because You Aren’t Paranoid…

Ed Morrissey, a conservative blogger I once had a modicum of respect for, has proven that working at Hot Air has finally gotten to him.

He accuses Obama of playing the race card for saying:

“And I know that the temptation is to say, ‘You know what? …The guy hasn’t been there that long in Washington.,’ You know, ‘he’s got funny name,’ You know, ‘we’re not sure about him,’” Obama continued. “And that’s what the Republicans, when they say, ‘This isn’t about issues, it’s about personalities,’ what they’re really saying is, ‘We’re going to try to scare people about Barack. So we’re going to say that you know, maybe he’s got Muslim connections or we’re going to say that, you know, he hangs out with radicals or he’s not patriotic.’

Which is interesting.  I don’t read anything about race here.  I do read about Obama’s funny name, and Muslim connections, which have been used as whisper campaigns in the past.  But to insist that Republicans haven’t done a little race baiting themselves is beyond disingenuous, and I’m not merely talking about Westmoreland’s “uppity” comment.

Oh no.

Nor am I talking about the whole community organizer thing as a racist dog whistle.  Even if it were true, that would be some weak tea.

But let’s take a look at the home page for the Sacramento County Republican Party for instance, shall we?

Where you’ll see exactly what Obama was talking about:

And this:

Barack Hussein Obama

Yes.  That’s his REAL name.

And this:

So, yeah.  Point one, Obama did not “play the race card” and only a very creative comprehension of the statement on record, or a grandiose failure in reading comprehension, would come through with such a ludicrous conclusion.  Point two, those things Obama did say, well, it seems like there are a few folks out there that kind of proved him right, aren’t there?

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  1. IanY77 says:

    Ed, like Rick Moran over at Right Wing Nut House, used to be the kind of guy you could count on as being at least a little intellectually honest once in a while, with the exception of around election time when he got as crazy as the rest of them.

    Alas, once he shuttered Captains Quarters and clambered aboard the SS Shrieking Malkin, the poor soul was lost forever.

  2. Obama’s “he’s got Muslim connections” speech is virtually identical to his “he doesn’t look like those guys on the dollar bills.” Everybody’s pickin’ on poor Barack.

    But, wait, it isn’t everybody. There’s nobody within the McCain camp who has ever raised the issue of race or religion. Nobody at the National Republican Committee either.

    But, wait! The Sacramento County GOP has some stuff. Why, they’re almost as influential as the mainstream media who peddled all manner of rumors about Sarah Palin. Trigger the conspiracy alarms, boys, we got a live one!

  3. Using the Sacremento Republicans to criticize Captain Ed is a non-sequitur.

    The truth is lots of folks are going with the community organization whistle, and before that it was “audacious,” and before that it was “presumptous,” and before that is was “uppity.”

    And today we’re back to some guy from the south who used “uppity” with no racial connotations at all being attacked as racist….

    If I recall, it’s been Bill Clinton, Jesse Jackson, and many more Democrats thoughout the primaries and into the conventions who’ve mounted literally evil racist attacks on Barack Obama.

    If you were to compare Captain Ed’s comments to those, you might have some credibility here. Other than that, racism charges are the only thing you’ve and the lefties have got, oh, and not to mention a little sexism against Sarah Palin.

    Any of that over at CFLF yet?

  4. tas says:

    Using the Sacremento Republicans to criticize Captain Ed is a non-sequitur.

    Fuck that.

    Your side is your side, OK? These people are popular — if you don’t want their opinions becoming the standard-bear for your party, then don’t make them popular. It’s as simple as that. So until Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, Michael Savage, and the rest of the usual suspects are completely derided to the point where they’re not making millions off their racist broadcasts anymore, then you’ll have a right to say that your party isn’t racist.

    Until then, fuck off. And as for the “sexism” against Pailn, give me a fucking break. Until one of our radio hosts starts being the equivalent of “Obama the Magic Negro”, I don’t wanna hear it.

  5. mac says:

    The sexism card with Palin is being overplayed big time. Harry Reid used the word “shrill” and is being pilloried for it. We speak about men as being “loud”, “overbearing” and what have you … and nobody thinks twice. What is sexist re Palin, are comments that objectify her in graphic sexual terms … we all, or most of us, get that. But her style and personality should be fair game … same as her right wing ideology and Alaskan record.

  6. daveinboca says:

    B Hussein-O has brought up the subject when he talked about not looking like the rest of the faces on legal tender. And Sarah is anything but shrill—although that brave dude Harry [Girly-Man] Reid did make his statement about her through a spokesman named Manley. For himself to say it with his castrato contralto quiver-voiced soprano would have demonstrated Sarah has bigger and more balls than the Nevada Lobbying King.

    Obama “the Magic Negro” comes from that famous right-wing publication, The Los Angeles Times.

  7. tas says:

    Yeah, but the cover of “Puff The Magic Dragon” which Rush gleefully played on the air (while rolling around naked in his $20 million a year paycheck) didn’t, you jackass.


  1. PSoTD - So cute... Republicans are so... subtle....

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