Lion’s Den Redux

It’s interesting to note that as this election season continues, John McCain increasingly is running more and more as a wingnut.

Add to the laundry list of flip-flops the almost bizarre end of the love affair between John McCain and the media.  The only way that I can understand it is that John McCain is now acting like the typical conservative wingnut in stirring up the old Criminal Liberal Media phantom in yet another attempt to convince the conservative base that he is in fact one of them.

In any case, the politician that was once so well known for his friendly relationship with the press is now closing himself off from the press.  It began with a rather stiff and standoffish interview with Time Magazine, but now, furious that the press isn’t fawning lovingly over him anymore, John McCain has canceled an appearance with Larry King on CNN.

And just as McCain is closing up press access, Barack Obama is preparing himself to head into the lion’s den.  He’ll be appearing on Bill O’Reilly’s show on Thursday.

The last time that Obama appeared on Fox News, a lot of people were expecting Obama to take on Fox News, so I just wanted people to kind of lower their expectations this time around.  This is probably not going to be a confrontational episode filled with fireworks that ends with Obama jamming his finger in O’Reilly’s face and screaming, “You’re a terrible human being, now go play with your falafel!”

It won’t go down like that, even if it would be entertaining for a little bit.

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