Liveblogging the First Presidential Debate!

I know I said I wouldn’t drop the post until 8:30, but I’m getting restless, and figured I could ramble on through the online internet pregame show as well (oh why not?).  Go ahead and hit the jump to see how this all works!

First and foremost, I’ll be watching this via cnn’s live online broadcast.  If you’re running around trying to find a way to watch the debate because you just can’t get to a TV in time, go ahead and check it out.

This debate, as I’m sure you know, almost didn’t even happen, thanks largely to a political move that John McCain initiated by suspending his campaign.  But, as we learned this morning, John McCain backed down from that so called “suspension”.  Thus, while the two men hoping to be the next President of the United States of America are mixing it up in Oxford, Mississippi, we’ll be right here, you know, saying stuff… hopefully some of it insightful.

And you can join in and say insightful stuff as well!  We perform all of our liveblogging events in the comments section so that anyone who wants to can be a part of the experience as well.  All we ask is that you keep your language relatively clean (I can get a potty mouth… er… potty fingertips, so who am I to look down on the occasional s-bomb and f-bomb here and there?), and you don’t engage in spam or try and sell porn.

If you don’t want to jump in, no big deal, just keep hitting F5 or your refresh button to bring up more comments.

And with that being said, I’m going to hit the publish button, and I’ll see you in the comments section!

205 Responses to “Liveblogging the First Presidential Debate!”

  1. tas says:

    Pakistan was a “failed state” before Musharraf? Yes, because all failed states are able to develop nukes. Fuck you, John.

  2. GoJohn says:

    Listen to McCain’s record!

    You guys are just repeating crap that we are all watching!

    And, griping to each other about it.


  3. Kathy says:

    And he’ll send them into harm’s way every chance he gets and every chance he doesn’t get.

  4. What the hell is Walnuts talking about? He’s pulling out pity points now? Jebus I forgot what the hell the question was?

  5. terry says:

    General Patreaus predicts defeat?? What is McCain saying?

  6. tas says:

    We didn’t ignore Afghanistan though, Kathy — we paid attention to them for business purposes. We didn’t pay the right attention to them, but just like the US doesn’t give a shit about other oppressive regimes around the world, we didn’t give a shit about Afghanistan, either. Nor did we shun the country, though. From what I heard, John implied that we just ignored Afghanistan after the fall of the USSR but that’s not true. Our governments were perfectly willing to deal with the Taliban when energy money was involved.

  7. New question: What is your reading of the threat from Iran to the security of the United States?



  9. terry says:

    Second holocaust, why do they keep using that phrase?

  10. tas says:

    Ahhh, League of Democracies.. So we can just not talk with the rest of the world. That’ll help diplomacy!

  11. “League of nations”? Oohh… can Superman head it up, or would it have to be like the back benchers like the Falcon, or whatever?

  12. Kathy says:

    I am personally offended by that “We can’t have a second Holocaust” crap. Stop trying to rack up political points lying about Iran being the same as Nazi Germany.

  13. At every single step of the way, Obama is simply showing up McCain on level of knowledge.

  14. McCain can’t pronounce Ahmadinejad?

  15. terry says:

    Good answer from Obama about meeting with Ahmadinejad.

  16. terry says:

    The sneer is now permanent on McCain

  17. Kathy says:

    I agree, Kyle. That comment about what “no preconditions” really means was terrific.

  18. Oh jesus, this is like watching Katie Couric interview Sarah Palin… And no, Obama is not playing the role of Bible Spice.

  19. terry says:

    Yes, got the Spain gaffe in 🙂

  20. tas says:

    So we can’t legitimize other leaders by face to face meetings with them… I wonder what McCain thinks about JFK’s meetings with Khrushchev, then. I wonder what McCain thinks the results of the Cuba Missile Crisis would have been in his world of diplomacy. Christ, he speaks of a “Second Holocaust” — October 1962 would have been such!

    McCain’s policies are just plain scary.

  21. tas says:

    That’s enough fun for me tonight. If anyone needs me, I’ll be drinking my ass off at the bar down the road.

  22. terry says:

    Did he just say South Koreans are taller? What does that mean?

  23. Here we go, McCain just lost it.

  24. Is it me, or did John McCain just throw a temper tantrum right there in the middle of the debate?

  25. John McCain looked into Putin’s eyes and saw K-G-B? This has gotten to the point of self-parody.

  26. Kathy says:

    Terry, I think that comment was a reference to the widespread malnutrition in North Korea. The people there are basically being starved by their government. That’s my guess about what he meant.

  27. Kathy says:

    Not just you, Kyle. He threw a temper tantrum.

  28. terry says:

    Thanks Kathy, I just had no idea what he was talking about.

  29. Kathy says:

    This was actually the first I’ve heard about the difference in height between South and North Koreans, but knowing about the rampant starvation, I just figured that was what he meant.

  30. You know, I can’t remember who wrote it, but someone wrote that there’s just something about the guy that frustrates the hell of out of his opponents…

  31. Final question: What do you think the chances of another 9/11 happening are?

  32. Okay, that was the first thing Obama did that disappointed me; he gave credit to McCain on the torture issue.

  33. You know, I’m looking at the mood meter, and I have been looking at that mood meter all night long, and I’m going to say one thing; Obama won this thing outright, there’s no counter spin anyone can dispute that.

  34. Kathy says:

    Kyle, that was tactical.

  35. No, Kathy, I was just saying that that was the final question of the debate.

  36. Kathy says:

    Am I wrong, or did McCain say that missile defense ended the Cold War?

  37. Now, McCain just went straight for I’m more experienced than him, so there.

  38. terry says:

    Obama couldn’t take it when McCain seemed to compare him to Bush, saying he was stubborn. That was a stretch.

  39. John McCain, I’m a POW…


  40. Kathy says:

    That’s a lie about the POW issue. Someone should re-air that video of McCain browbeating that woman whose brother is MIA.

  41. I’m pretty sure John McCain just lost.

  42. Alright folks, what did you guys think?

  43. terry says:

    Notice how gracious Obama was shaking John’s hand. John still couldn’t look him in the eye.

  44. Kathy says:

    I certainly think he did. And I have to say this: I am so envious of Michelle Obama. It must be something real wonderful to be loved as Obama so obviously loves her.

  45. Kathy says:

    Terry, you are right. And also Michelle Obama walked over and shook their hands.

  46. Okay, I’m going to give my thoughts real quick, because I’m positively thrilled at this moment, and now it’s time for me to close up shop and go home.

    I think this was a great performance for Obama, easily his best debate so far of the season. On style, he looked far more composed and presidential, and in substance, he was not only in command of the facts, but he was aggressive, he was unwilling to let McCain get away with a point, and he was assertive. By contrast, McCain appeared tired, and at times whiny as though he was trying to convince the electorate that “Obama just doesn’t understand!”

    I don’t think there was a contest here, I think Obama whiped the floor with McCain, and from what I saw on CNN’s mood meter, at least the focus group agrees with me.

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