Lynn Forester de Rothschild Endorses McCain Because Obama Is “Elitist”

I guess that sounds better than saying she is the “fantastically wealthy wife of an heir to England’s most influential and storied banking dynasty” and is supporting McCain because he wants to protect actual elitists like her from Obama’s plan to give the biggest tax cuts to those Americans who have the least, instead of to those who have the most. How dare Obama propose to hit her hundreds of millions when there are families living in Motel 6’s after the bank took their homes that he could be hitting up for cash?

Here is an interview with de Rothschild by Lloyd Grove at Conde Nast Portfolio. I particularly love the opening paragraph:

When 67-year-old British banking scion Sir Evelyn Rothschild first set eyes on 44-year-old Lynn Forester at the 1998 Bilderberg conference—the matchmaker was none other than Henry Kissinger—she was already a woman of major means.

The matchmaker was Henry Kissinger? The “smitten” Sir Evelyn Rothschild was married at the time — he divorced his wife, with whom he has three children, to marry the humble and non-elitist Lynn Forester:

A corporate lawyer and telecommunications entrepreneur, the sparkly blond ex-wife of former New York politician Andrew Stein had made more than $100 million from the sale of cleverly acquired wireless broadband licenses. She was also sexy, charming, and dazzlingly well connected. Two years later, after the smitten Sir Evelyn divorced his second wife, Victoria Schott, the mother of his three children, Forester became the third Lady Rothschild. After marrying in November 2000 at a London synagogue, they honeymooned at the White House, guests of Lynn’s good friends Bill and Hillary Clinton.

More irony (my emphasis in AP snip):

On the heels of his reassurance to blue collar Ohioans that he preferred their company to Hollywood celebs, McCain picks up the support of a top Hillary donor who happens to be a baroness.


The unintentionally ironic AP take:

Lynn Forester de Rothschild has said she thinks Democratic nominee Barack Obama is arrogant and has a problem connecting with average Americans.

Rothschild is a member of the DNC’s Democrats Abroad chapter and splits her time living in London and New York

Via Memeorandum.

13 Responses to “Lynn Forester de Rothschild Endorses McCain Because Obama Is “Elitist””

  1. You said it all…thank you Kathy

  2. Robert Martin says:


    here’d Jon Stewart’s take on Palin:

  3. Carol Zanella says:

    Lynn Forester is a big baby. She is just mad because Hilary Clinton did not win the nomination. I also was hoping Hilary would win, but I am to smart to leave the Democratic Party when this country is in such turmoil. We definitely need a change. McCaine could never give us the change we need. I support Obama 100%. Shame on Foester. I think she needs attention right now, so she is talking tothe media. Lynn Foester do the democratics a favor and don’t come back. We don’t need you. Go to a party that is out of touch with the American people.

  4. Robert says:

    I just have one question. How could Lynn Forester de Rothschild be a supporter of Hilary now and support Mccain. I do not think it takes a very smart person to figure this out. Its not because she disagrees with Obama and his stance’s I believe its because he’s black period and had the person select as the dnc candidate who had the same stance on the issues as Obama been white we would not be hearing anything from this woman. I also feel that a lot of people will vote for Maccain for the very same reason. If anyone on this planet thinks that race is not playing a role they need to wake up and smell the coffee. I’am always willing to admit when am wrong but in this case!!!!!!!!!!!

    I really hope people vote for McCain only to have them realize that he’s not for the people…..we have a short memory I sometimes think the American people are stupid or just mis-informed. After all they elected Bush to a second term after not learning from he first 4 years.

    So America be careful for what you wish.

  5. Kathy says:

    Thank you, Kirk.

  6. howard says:

    smart lady she is just being polite when she call’s him an “ELITIST” we all know what is in our hearts, as far as I am concerned he is not BLACK enough_not WHITE enough_not AMERICAN enough.

  7. Don Lo says:

    She’s a poor soul…tragic when such people lose contact with reality.

  8. Justin says:

    Simple question, and yes I understand that this opens my position to an attack, but if Rothschild is such a joke, such a mockery, why has this site and countless others decided that she is prime news in the scope of the election? She switched sides, oh well. If her position really doesn’t mean anything, then why does she get the air time, good or ill? It dumfounds me that the simplicity of the situation eludes such a vast amount of people. If you make a comment about her to either side of the field you make the situation important. You degrade her and the lifestyle that she had before and now possesses, yet claim that she means nothing. If she meant nothing, her name wouldn’t have touched the face of every major internet and global news group.

    So to reiterate the question, if she is so insignificant, then why the article and the time?

  9. @Justin – Rich people fascinate many middle class people. As a result they get used to being listened to and sometimes get a sense of importance that is distorted. If you’d like an example on the other end of the spectrum, Theresa Heinz Kerry may fit the bill. That’s why her “endorsement” is newsworthy although I have a feeling most people feel a sense of irony watching her claim Obama is elitist. It’s like the Jerry Springer episodes with the extremist people – the morbid fascination with irony is what makes us pay attention.

    The reality is her sense of importance is inflated and most people will forget about her and her views in a few days. (Though will they forget the irony?)

  10. Harris says:

    What a classy lady that Lynn is.All the rhetoric is overshadowed by her love for this country.
    Not only do I agree with her completely but her passion and sincerity is overwhelming.
    I am saddened for all the abuse that will certainly come her way but she has gained my respect
    and admiration for sure.

  11. Rick Millward says:

    I don’t have anything good to say about fake, vain, hyopocritical type people who happen to have money.

  12. Sarah Pagan says:

    All of these people who think Ms. de Rothchild is so clever — note — she would not give YOU the time of day. She is rich, you are not. You are not even in her league, so get over yourself.

  13. Yolanda says:

    GO LYNN!!! She’s just a smart woman, whom doesn’t want a socialist with questionable judgement as President. I certainly would not want Obama as Commander-in Chief of this nation. McCain is the man whom deserves the presidency, for sure! He served our country and suffered as a POW. He survived and after so many years, who would’ve thought he’d be the GOP nominee. God must have had a purpose for him.
    This hispanic vote is for McCain!

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