McCain Is Afraid To Campaign Without Palin

This truly is pathetic:

Republican presidential candidate John McCain cut short his first public appearance without running-mate Sarah Palin after chanting supporters of Democratic rival Barack Obama interrupted his speech.

Is this the U.S. presidential election, or the Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy Show?

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  1. Craig says:

    Not sure what is “truly pathetic” about this. Without any audio to understand the reality of the situation, it seems like a very vocal and distracting shout-down was going on between Obama and McCain supporters within the crowd, in what seems like a smaller, partly-enclosed space. The story makes it sound like everyone had a very hard time hearing anything that McCain was saying.

    I’m also failing to see how this has anything to do with McCain being “afraid”. Why stand there and talk into a wall of noise and to a group of people who are so distracted? And how does Palin enter into this particular equation? Are you suggesting that the awe and wonder that is Sarah would have magically transformed that whole room, including the Obama supporters, into Palin fans?

    I realize that you’re trying to throw out as many “incidents” as possible to make McCain look bad (hmmmm, sounds like the same rationale being used by the pig/lipstick crowd), but this particular item just doesn’t seem to support your idea of McCain being afraid.

    There are certainly a lot more meatier items than this one to hammer McCain.

    The closest thing to pathetic here is the lack of planning by the McCain staff in selecting a location that was ill-suited and poorly prepped for a stump speech.

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