McCain vs. Letterman

You know, I thought something was missing from the campaign proceedings of the day.

Now, look, I don’t typically go to the Drudge Report for… well… anything, but if this is true, I simply can’t ignore it.  One thing I know for sure is that it’s been a while (I’m not sure if we’ve cleared a full 24 hours, but we’ll run with it) since we were treated to another outright bald-faced lie (not to be confused with more deceptive lies that are less obvious and don’t count in this estimation).

But McCain gracefully drops an L-bomb in such a way that it dovetails nicely with his campaign suspension.  It starts off with an appearance on Letterman.  He was supposed to go, but apparently called Letterman to tell him that he had to go back to DC to, you know, save the country.

Cue the cape and blue spandex.

The only problem, I guess, is that McCain didn’t actually expect Letterman to check on his whereabouts during the time of the recording.  As it turns out, as the live taping of the show was going on, McCain wasn’t on his way back to DC, he was, instead, down the street giving an interview to Katie Couric.


Now, I want to be clear, this is coming from Drudge, which means it should be trusted about as far as you can throw him, and since I can’t find the slimy bastard in the first place, I’m going to estimate that distance at not very far at all.

BUT, if this is exactly as things actually played out, I think McCain is going to find a lot of folks not too pleased or trusting of his campaign suspension stunt; it looks more and more like something he pulled to get away from stuff he doesn’t want to deal with.

What’s he going to do if he’s, heaven forbid, actually the president?  Every time something unpleasant comes up he’s going to declare there are some orphans that need saving and disappear to do an interview with Al Roker or something?

3 Responses to “McCain vs. Letterman”

  1. anony mouse says:

    McSame old lies. It is sad people still defend McSame. Wake up! It’s like putting lipstick on a pig…..oh, better not go there. McSame doesn’t remember what that means (he said it last year on video).
    Don’t mess with Dave! I’d be upset too if I were Dave. McSame himself has so much to admitted that the economy isn’t his strong suit. And we’re supposed to rely on HIM to save our country and economy? Yeah, I’m sure he’s had a lot of penning on the bailout plan. Lie lie lie….. I love that the memo was released to the wrong people…nice work! Let’s hope there aren’t 2 emergencies if he ever becomes president because he just won’t be able to decide which one has to be worked on.
    I don’t know that Obama will be much or any better, but at least he presents himself better.
    If Perot would run I’d vote for him, but we know what happens to candidates who threaten the republicans chances for getting elected. They are “encouraged” to drop out of the race to keep their families safe.

  2. weesie says:

    who cares about david letterman’s show? there are many more important things in life than sitting on a couch making mindless chit chat with a comedy show host. i’m sure this is not the first person who ditched david’s show for something more important.. john mccain is not a stupid man, maybe he felt being on katie couric’s show was a more important use of his time.

  3. Claire says:

    Okay, so McCain cancelled his appearance on the Letterman show. So what! What gets me is that David Letterman doesn’t know when to let things go. Mr. Letterman let it go….just forget about it. Look like the adult you’re supposed to be…..not a little kid that can’t have his way


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