More Evidence That McCain’s “Suspension” Was Anything But

It is becoming ever clearer that not only was John McCain’s campaign “suspension” a political stunt intended to provide the Arizona Senator the opportunity to get some grandstanding in; it’s also a big fat lie.

Officially, McCain’s campaign was supposed to be suspended officially at the open of business Thursday morning.  Still, Sarah Palin had campaigned at Ground Zero, and even took questions.  We would also later find that McCain’s advertisements around the country would run until the end of the day on Thursday.  To top it all off, McCain gave interviews to the major networks last night, and he never actually bothered to, you know, shut down his campaign offices.

Now we find out that the McCain campaign will recommense running its ads starting Saturday morning, deal or no deal.  So there you have it, the entire lump sum of McCain’s campaign suspension ammounts to pulling ads for less than 48 hours, and playing chicken with a debate that most Americans continue to insist they want to see.

In other words, in this mock show of “leadership”, the McCain campaign “suspension” turned out to be yet another dismal lie.  Go figure.

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