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“Curiouser and curiouser,” Alice once said of the strange dream world that greeted her down the rabbit hole.  Indeed, in many ways this presidential election has already given even the most hardened of political analysts more than enough cause to think that they have fallen down the very same rabbit hole, marched through the looking glass, or, gulp, even swallowed the red pill.

From the selection of an unknown as a running mate, to PUMAs, to campaign suspensions, this election has been anything but conventional and boring.

Curiously enough, Billy Kristol insists that if McCain wants to save the sinking ship of his presidential campaign, the one thing he must do is… well… what he has been doing over the past month or so; more shenanigans.  If you’re scratching your head at this point, keep in mind that Kristol insists that McCain’s campaign suspension (almost unanimously seen as a bad move backed up by snap polls released immediately after the announcement) was a good move.

Meanwhile, as the rest of the political sphere looked at the post debate polling numbers, they were already three steps ahead of Billy and asking what stunt the McCain campaign had next.  If the London Times is particularly prescient, the next stunt would take this campaign from the realm of Wonderland to that of the Twilight Zone.

Now, apparently, McCain insiders are hoping for a Bristol Palin wedding prior to the presidential election.  The event, to which John McCain would have a front row seat, would hopefully give the flagging Republican ticket good press and grind the campaign to a halt for a week.

I’m not kidding, they’re talking about this from a political perspective, you seriously have to read it to believe it.

Personally, I hope they do try to politicize the younger Palin’s wedding.  I think it would be funny, and opens itself up to the easiest critique I could imagine.  How on earth is throwing a wedding supposed to indicate presidential ability?  Is John McCain going to “suspend” his campaign so he can make sure that the details of the wedding come off without a hitch?

And then what happens if McCain’s meddling and introduction of presidential politics in the wedding planning process actually hampers the nuptuals?

Finally, can’t we just talk about the issues?  I mean just once?

Here’s what gets me.  Kristol is right on one thing; McCain is heading for a loss.  But if you’re heading for a loss, isn’t it better to lose defending your principles and advocating your stances on the issues than it is to lose because you turned your bid for the presidency into the kind of parody one would expect Mel Brooks to come up with?


4 Responses to “More Shenanigans”

  1. gcotharn says:

    I flatly do not believe the London Times’ assertion that a an unnamed “McCain insider” gave them that quote, for this reason: WHY WOULD A MCCAIN INSIDER GIVE THAT QUOTE TO THE LONDON TIMES? Giving that quote does nothing to help McCain. That quote makes McCain look crass.

    I’m declaring myself an Obama Campaign insider, and I’m saying Obama is a stealth Communist operative. But, I forbid you to attribute that quote to me – though I am, of course, an insider, and my information is absolutely accurate, as Barack himself has confirmed to me.

    Years ago, American newspapers either would not run unattributed quotes, or would not run unattributed quotes without having confirmation from a second source. It’s a shame the London Times – and much other media – doesn’t follow those bygone American standards.

    Until the sourcing is on the record, I’m calling the London Times a liar.

  2. Kathy says:

    Giving that quote does nothing to help McCain. That quote makes McCain look crass.

    Newsflash: McCain IS crass.


    Because when you’re crass, you don’t know that you’re crass?

    Also because McCain’s campaign has been saying stupid things and doing stupid things and making really stupid decisions for a long time now. Each time you think they can’t top themselves, they do. McCain is his own worst enemy, and his staff is of the “With friends like that…” variety.

  3. gcotharn says:

    I understand your opinion.

    Still, The London Times quote is a waste of dead trees. We have your opinion, we have my opinion. A single unsourced quote brings us no closer to ascertaining anything. We are guessing. Barack is a stealth communist. Al Gore is gay. My assertions have just as much news value as The London Times assertion.

  4. Kathy says:

    My assertions have just as much news value as The London Times assertion.

    How do you figure that? The London Times interviewed this McCain official and you didn’t.

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