Morning March: Be Heard

I’m going to try and do one of these every work day from now until the election.  It’s simple, we start off with some music to get the blood pumping like this:


That’s right, it’s time to get heard folks.  The election starts now, the campaign starts now, the netroots and the grassroots start now.  It’s time to ask yourself not if you want to see another McSame administration, but what have you done to prevent it?

If you haven’t given time or money, if you’ve just sat back and watched everything unfold, now is the time to change that, now is the time to get involved and active, and if you can afford to, chip some change in Obama’s direction.

The hate-filled Republican convention got the Democratic base fired up and ready to go, and McSame/Pali-who? know it.  They’re scared, that might be why they’re out accusing Obama/Biden Democrats of unfairly attacking Palin’s family, and this after Obama himself has multiple times insisted his supporters keep their attacks off the families and above the belt.

So that’s your marching orders for the weekend; get out there and prove this to be the most effective Republican convention ever… for Democrats!

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