New Mexico Fallen?

While national polling has never put Obama and McCain far apart from each other, it’s important to understand that national polling does not decide elections, as George W. Bush and Al Gore painfully proved back in 2000.

Chess and checkers, folks, chess and checkers.  When I talk about Obama, I talk about chess and checkers.  As in, everyone else plays chess, while he’s playing checkers.  It’s a harrowing experience following someone that does that because when you have someone who is playing a significantly different game than everyone else, it can sometimes look as though they are losing when really they aren’t.

I mention this because while most of the commentary has been following national polls, the thing that few are really looking are the state by states.  And in the war for states, it looks as though the GOP is ceding New Mexico to Obama.

The state, which Bush carried over Kerry four years ago, is currently about seven points in Obama’s favor and still trending in his direction.  This merely bolsters the fact that according to Pollster’s tabulations Obama is cleaning McCain’s clock on the electoral map.  Without leaners, Obama is currently only about forty electoral votes shy of the magic number while McCain is still in need of a whopping 150.

Further, with leaners, McCain is still a hundred ev’s down with Obama only needing ten to go.

There’s still a whole lot of room for things to get mixed up, but it goes to show that Obama’s still in a strong position to beat McCain in the fall, regardless of what the nationals say.  Keep your eyes on New Hampshire and Colorado; especially Colorado.

If Colorado falls, so does McCain.

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