Noun, verb…

Looks like the McCain campaign has finally stumbled upon someone in the national news media who is willing to show due deference to the GOP’s not-ready-for-prime-time VP candidate:

Republican vice presidential running mate Sarah Palin is offering her first televised interview to ABC News in the coming week in Alaska.


A McCain-Palin adviser says an interview was offered to ABC’s Charlie Gibson several days ago and that they expect it to happen in the latter part of the week in Alaska.

$10 bucks sez the Gibson interview takes place on September 11th, complete with all the hagiographic fixins.

2 Responses to “Noun, verb…”

  1. radical_Moderate says:

    Her handlers must be confident that she is a quick study…and make no mistake people, beyond the “aw shucks” I’m just a hockey mom, faux populist crap she is peddling, the fact that this former beauty queen with a heart of iron, who managed to bulldoze her way into the Governer’s office, and now the VEEP nomination, in so short a time means that she is a first class bullshitter. We Democrats must never underestimate her Charm Offensive. Sadly, the fact that she is a pistol packing Milf with claims to being a “reformer” will impress some low information voters, and if she performs well with Gibson, and I have no reason to believe that she won’t (I don’t expect him to press her for a lot of detail. on foreign relations, or on complex National issues), we could be in big trouble this Fall….

  2. xranger says:

    If the interview is delayed, methinks it is so that it doesn’t step on the Bill O’Reilly/Obama interviews Monday – Wednesday.

    If last weeks interview is any indication, Obama better hope that the shows this week are a lot better.

    Damn, The Annointed One is down in the polls today….


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