Obama Loads the Magic Bullet

I’m going to kick this thing off with a personal anecdote.

This time next year, the older of my two daughters will have just begun kindergarten; a prospect that is, I’m sure most parents who have been there before will validate, at once heartbreaking, mortifying, and rewarding beyond belief.

Now, just recently, my wife received something in the mail and it turned out to be among other things a general list of things that our daughter should be able to do prior to getting into kindergarten.  This was it, our first real test as parents in regards to whether or not we have taken the steps necessary to ensure our child was ready to enter the school system.

The interesting thing, though, was that as she began to read the list out loud not only did we find that our daughter could do those things, but she had been doing them for years now.  Our younger daughter, who just turned two earlier this year, could almost make it through the list.  Our older daughter was far beyond this stuff.

It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that our child will begin school ahead of the curve.  In the world in which she grows up in, having a strong education will be more important than ever to guarantee that she be able to live a secure life and earn a decent wage, and a year before she begins her first official school term she’s already showing an above average aptitude.

How did we pull this off?  How is it that we have a two year old daughter who, before she has been fully potty trained, is already meeting the academic standards of a child about to enter kindergarten?  It’s pretty simple; they have both been in school almost from birth.

My wife and I both work full time, and thanks to my wife’s employer, both children have had the opportunity to go to a high end Child Development Center that puts these children in a curriculum from the moment they can start walking.

But while the answer is simple, the execution is not.  It’s expensive, so expensive, in fact, that most of my wife’s paycheck is eradicated by the cost of the daycare/pre-school alone.  And we lucked out in that my wife’s employer offered this service in her office building.

This is not necessarily something that is even a viable option to many working parents out there that are in similar pay brackets as we are (which wouldn’t even be close to the top of the middle class bracket, especially if you employ McCain’s $5 million threshold).

I am among those that believes that education is the magic bullet.  Maybe not all of society’s ills can be solved by a greatly improved education system, but a lot of them can be.  This is why I’m glad that Obama is forcing education as an election issue, and he’s got a solid and expansive plan to page through whenever you get the time.

As for the other guy running for president, yeah, he’s the guy who at one point supported abolishing the Department of Education.  That doesn’t sound like a recipe for positive change in education.

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  1. An appreciative teacher says:

    Perfectly stated. Thank you.

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