One Question About The Debate

My colleagues noticed it in our liveblogging before I did, but I think it’s a question that needs some answering.

Why didn’t McCain look at Obama in the eye?  From what I noticed, McCain didn’t even look Obama in the eye when they shook hands at the end of the debate, but I admit that at that point, the video feed wasn’t very good.

The question remains; why didn’t McCain look Obama in the eye during the debate?

One Response to “One Question About The Debate”

  1. duncan says:

    It seems to me the question is not who won, but did we see clear difference between the two candidates; I think we could clearly see the difference between the rigid, inflexible and not completely thought out position of John McCain, his combative and militaristic frame of reference, as contrasted with Barack Obama, who seemed thoughtful and measured, his position of looking for solutions rather than talking points. Both swallowed the Neo con interpretation of the events in Georgia, reminding us that you don’t get this far in government without the blessing of some kind of a puppetmaster, whether it be Brzezinski or Kissinger. Still Obama is much more attractive to me and more likely to create rather than destroy our America. People can make a much clearer choice as a result of this debate.


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