Out of Touch Watch Part 7

Note: I feel this was made fair game the moment the McCain campaign decided they wanted “elitism” and “out of touch” to be a part of the campaign narrative.  Considering that last night there wasn’t even a second thought spared as to whether or not to go back to trying to paint Obama as an out of touch elitist, I’m going with the idea that Republicans still think it’s fair game.

I’m firmly rooted in the middle class, as an enlisted member of the Navy, and now a relatively low level employee of the DoN, my wife and I have never seen a year where we even clear 100k, forget the five million dollar threshold that John McCain claimed separated the middle class from the rich.

We get by, don’t get me wrong.  We do a great deal better than a lot of folks out there, but despite Republican claims that all of us liberals are Merlot sipping elitists, we’re (my wife and I) are far from it.  I wish we were.  I wish George Soros actually handed out paychecks and I had a major mansion or seven all of which were completely staffed, but that’s just not the case.

In fact, my wife and I and our two children don’t even own our own home.  We rent, and thanks to a landlord that is something of a friend to the family, we get a decent deal on a house that could use some major repairs, but is relatively nice if not shrinking as our daughters continue to grow and need more space.

We want to buy a house, but at this point we simply can’t afford to buy the kind of house we would need.

On the other hand, with the $300K outfit Mrs. McCain was wearing, her dress could afford to buy the kind of house my family needs.  Again, don’t get me wrong, I’m not even implying that Cindy should hock her dress so I can buy a house, far from it.  But it does make it a lot easier for her to lean over to the person sitting next to her and say, “He’s good,” while Giuliani is up on stage mocking the role that community organizing plays in the welfare of middle class folks.

For all the shameful things put on display last night, I think that has to be the most shameful–community organizing is all about middle and lower class folks doing exactly what Republicans insist we do; pull ourselves up by the bootstraps.

So which is it?  Do they want us to pull ourselves up by the bootstraps, or do they want us to stay down in the cellar?  I’m confused.

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  1. Sorry, didn’t see this before I threw up my post.


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