Yup, that Sarah Palin’s a hit alright.  Nay, she’s a rockstar!  She raised $8 Million in less than 24 hours…

For Obama.

Thank you Mrs. Palin, from the bottom of my 25 dollar lighter heart.

UPDATE: While Palin may have opened up the coffers for the Obama campaign, the 8 mil she pulled for the Democratic candidate was met with the paltry sum of 1 mil she pulled for the RNC.  Not that I’m a big soccer fan, but when this happens in the world’s most popular sport, it usually winds up on YouTube with no shortage of snide comments attached to it.

2 Responses to “Own Goal UPDATE”

  1. fester says:

    Ditto — I am still trying to figure out why this speech by this person at this time — it does nothing to move anyone towards McCain….

  2. I think you and I are on the same page on this one, fes. I think the goal was to fire up the conservative base, but if McCain goes into the election with just the conservative base, he’s going to lose.


  1. Energizing The Wrong Base | Centerpoint Review - [...] you also factor in that Palin’s speech has succeeded in raking in $8 million for the Obama campaign and…

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